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New Publications of IBP (Mar. 2016)

Updated: 2016-04-26

Publication Date Author Title Journal
2016-MAR 14 TANG HD; WANG Y; CHLEWICKI LK; ZHANG Y; GUO JY; LIANG W; WANG JY; WANG XX; FU YX; Facilitating T Cell Infiltration in Tumor Microenvironment Overcomes Resistance to PD-L1 Blockade CANCER CELL 2016,29(3):285-296
2016-APR XIA P; YE BQ; WANG S; ZHU XX; DU Y; XIONG Z; TIAN Y; FAN ZS; Glutamylation of the DNA sensor cGAS regulates its binding and synthase activity in antiviral immunity NATURE IMMUNOLOGY 2016,17(4):369-+
2016-MAR HAN L; ZHENG JG; WANG Y; YANG X; LIU YQ; SUN CQ; CAO BH; ZHOU HZ; NI DC; LOU JZ; ZHAO YF; HUANG YH; Structure of the BAM complex and its implications for biogenesis of outer-membrane proteins NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2016,23(3):192-196
2016-FEB PAN HZ; GUAN D; LIU XM; LI JY; WANG LX; WU J; ZHOU JZ; ZHANG WZ; REN RT; ZHANG WQ; LI Y; YANG JP; HAO Y; YUAN TT; YUAN GH; WANG H; JU ZY; MAO ZY; LI J; QU J; TANG FC; LIU GH; SIRT6 safeguards human mesenchymal stem cells from oxidative stress by coactivating NRF2 CELL RESEARCH 2016,26(2):190-205
2016-MAR LI SJ; WANG J; MA L; LU C; WANG J; WU JW; WANG ZX; Cooperative autoinhibition and multi-level activation mechanisms of calcineurin CELL RESEARCH 2016,26(3):336-349
2016-MAR WANG S; XIA PY; HUANG GL; ZHU PP; LIU J; YE BQ; DU Y; FAN ZS; FoxO1-mediated autophagy is required for NK cell development and innate immunity NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2016,7( ): -
2016-MAR 15 ZHANG LM; WU C; CAI GH; CHEN S; YE KQ; Stepwise and dynamic assembly of the earliest precursors of small ribosomal subunits in yeast GENES & DEVELOPMENT 2016,30(6):718-732
2016-JAN 4 ZHAO Y; LI H; FANG SS; KANG Y; WU W; HAO YJ; LI ZY; BU DC; SUN NH; ZHANG MQ; CHEN RS; NONCODE 2016: an informative and valuable data source of long non-coding RNAs NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2016,44(D1):D203-D208
2016-APR ZHANG CR; GAO LQ; CAI YH; LIU H; GAO D; LAI JH; JIA B; WANG F; LIU ZF; Inhibition of tumor growth and metastasis by photoimmunotherapy targeting tumor-associated macrophage in a sorafenib-resistant tumor model BIOMATERIALS 2016,84( ):1-12
2016-MAR WU R; CHEN H; MA J; HE Q; HUANG Q; LIU Q; LI M; YUAN Z; c-Abl-p38 alpha signaling plays an important role in MPTP-induced neuronal death CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION 2016,23(3):542-552
2016-FEB NI XM; RU H; MA F; ZHAO LX; SHAW N; FENG YG; DING W; GONG WB; WANG QF; OUYANG SY; CHENG GH; LIU ZJ; New insights into the structural basis of DNA recognition by HINa and HINb domains of IFI16 JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 2016,8(1):51-61
2016-MAR 29 SHAO WW; ZHANG C; LIU EY; ZHANG L; MA JF; ZHU Z; GONG XT; QIN ZH; QIU XY; Identification of Liver Epithelial Cell-derived Ig Expression in mu chain-deficient mice SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016,6( ): -
2016-MAR 11 LIANG JR; LI X; ZHA T; CHEN YH; HAO HJ; LIU C; DUAN R; XIAO YC; SU MM; WANG X; JING HQ; DTDP-rhamnosyl transferase RfbF, is a newfound receptor-related regulatory protein for phage phiYe-F10 specific for Yersinia enterocolitica serotype O:3 SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2016,6( ): -
2016-APR 1 ZHU DM; LIU LC; YANG D; FU S; BIAN YJ; SUN ZC; HE JM; SU LS; ZHANG LG; PENG H; FU YX; Clearing Persistent Extracellular Antigen of Hepatitis B Virus: An Immunomodulatory Strategy To Reverse Tolerance for an Effective Therapeutic Vaccination JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2016,196(7):3079-3087
2016-MAR 24 WU Y; WANG JJ; ZHANG Y; ZHENG DC; ZHANG JF; RONG ML; WU HW; WANG YY; ZHOU K; JIANG TZ; The Neuroanatomical Basis for Posterior Superior Parietal Lobule Control Lateralization of Visuospatial Attention FRONTIERS IN NEUROANATOMY 2016,10( ): -
2016-MAR 17 ZHU LZ; JIANG HL; SHEONG FK; CUI XF; GAO X; WANG YL; HUANG XH; A Flexible Domain-Domain Hinge Promotes an Induced-fit Dominant Mechanism for the Loading of Guide-DNA into Argonaute Protein in Thermus thermophilus JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B 2016,120(10):2709-2720
2016-MAR FU LN; XU XL; REN RT; WU J; ZHANG WQ; YANG JP; REN XQ; WANG S; ZHAO Y; SUN L; YU Y; WANG ZX; YANG Z; YUAN Y; QIAO J; BELMONTE JCI; QU J; LIU GH; Modeling xeroderma pigmentosum associated neurological pathologies with patients-derived iPSCs PROTEIN & CELL 2016,7(3):210-221
2016-MAR LI WB; DING W; JI G; WANG L; ZHANG JG; SUN F; Three-dimensional visualization of arsenic stimulated mouse liver sinusoidal by FIB-SEM approach PROTEIN & CELL 2016,7(3):227-232
2016-FEB WU HW; WANG C; GONG WB; WANG JF; XUAN JS; PERRETT S; FENG YG; The C-terminal region of human eukaryotic elongation factor 1B delta JOURNAL OF BIOMOLECULAR NMR 2016,64(2):181-187
2016-APR 15 LIU L; ZHANG SW; GAO F; ZHANG YX; HUANG YF; CHEN RS; MENG J; DRME: Count-based differential RNA methylation analysis at small sample size scenario ANALYTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY 2016,499( ):15-23
2016-APR DENG XF; XU L; ZHANG Y; WANG B; WANG S; ZHAO YL; CAO Y; ZHANG D; WANG R; YE X; WU J; ZHAO JZ; Difference of language cortex reorganization between cerebral arteriovenous malformations, cavernous malformations, and gliomas: a functional MRI study NEUROSURGICAL REVIEW 2016,39(2):241-249
2016-JAN ZHONG WM; WANG DC; A new partnership for an impactful future SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2016,59(1):1-2
2016-MAR CHEN J; XUE YC; Emerging roles of non-coding RNAs in epigenetic regulation SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2016,59(3):227-235
2016-MAR XIONG CY; WEN ZQ; LI GH; Histone Variant H3.3: A versatile H3 variant in health and in disease SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2016,59(3):245-256
2016-MAR LIU ZJ; HAN HM; HE X; LI SW; WU CX; YU CJ; WANG SD; Expression of the galectin-9-Tim-3 pathway in glioma tissues is associated with the clinical manifestations of glioma ONCOLOGY LETTERS 2016,11(3):1829-1834
2016-FEB ZHANG JJ; HU Q; GUO F; WANG L; ZHAO W; ZHANG D; YANG HY; YU JK; NIU LL; YANG FQ; ZHENG S; WANG JX; Screening and identification of post-traumatic stress-related serum factors in children with Wilms' tumors ONCOLOGY LETTERS 2016,11(2):1299-1304
2016-APR YAN XQ; CAO ZP; ZHANG XL; Simulation Verification of SNR and Parallel Imaging Improvements by ICE-Decoupled Loop Array in MRI APPLIED MAGNETIC RESONANCE 2016,47(4):395-403
2016-MAR 18 CUI Y; SU T; ZHANG SD; HUANG P; HE YG; LIU Y; ZHANG C; RITCH R; HE RQ; Elevated urine formaldehyde in elderly patients with primary open angle glaucoma INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OPHTHALMOLOGY 2016,9(3):411-416
2016-MAR ZHANG HJ; Progress of Scintillation Proximity Assay in Life Science PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2016,43(3):197-208
2016- WANG XL; CHEN CX; Image fusion for synthetic aperture radar and multispectral images based on sub-band-modulated non-subsampled contourlet transform and pulse coupled neural network methods IMAGING SCIENCE JOURNAL 2016,64(2):87-93
2016- WU H; GLAUBEN R; QIN Z; SIEGMUND B; The Impact of Free Fatty Acids on MDSC Function and Phenotype ONCOLOGY RESEARCH AND TREATMENT 2016,39( ):163-163

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