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New Publications of IBP (Jul. 2016)

Updated: 2016-10-09

Publication Date Author Title Journal
2016-JUL 19 WANG S; XIA PY; CHEN Y; HUANG GL; XIONG Z; LIU J; LI C; YE BQ; DU Y; FAN ZS; Natural Killer-like B Cells Prime Innate Lymphocytes against Microbial Infection IMMUNITY 2016,45(1):131-144
2016-MAY 2 JACKSON SW; JACOBS HM; ARKATKAR T; DAM EM; SCHARPING NE; KOLHATKAR NS; HOU BD; BUCKNER JH; RAWLINGS DJ; B cell IFN-gamma receptor signaling promotes autoimmune germinal centers via cell-intrinsic induction of BCL-6 JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE 2016,213(5):733-750
2016-AUG GAO P; YANG H; RAJASHANKAR KR; HUANG ZW; PATEL DJ; Type V CRISPR-Cas Cpf1 endonuclease employs a unique mechanism for crRNA-mediated target DNA recognition CELL RESEARCH 2016,26(8):901-913
2016-AUG LAN X; FAN CY; JI W; TIAN FY; XU T; GAO ZB; Grafting voltage and pharmacological sensitivity in potassium channels CELL RESEARCH 2016,26(8):935-945
2016- WEI ZB; YUAN YF; JAOUEN F; MA MS; HAO CJ; ZHANG Z; CHEN Q; YUAN ZQ; YU L; BEURRIER C; LI W; SLC35D3 increases autophagic activity in midbrain dopaminergic neurons by enhancing BECN1-ATG14-PIK3C3 complex formation AUTOPHAGY 2016,12(7):1168-1179
2016-AUG SHI YY; WU WW; CHAI Q; LI QQ; HOU Y; XIA H; REN BY; XU HR; GUO XH; JIN CW; LV MJ; WANG ZN; FU YX; ZHU MZ; LT beta R controls thymic portal endothelial cells for haematopoietic progenitor cell homing and T-cell regeneration Nature Communications 2016,7( ): -
2016-JUN HUANG X; JIN M; CHEN YX; WANG J; ZHAI K; CHANG Y; YUAN Q; YAO KT; JI GJ; ERP44 inhibits human lung cancer cell migration mainly via IP3R2 AGING-US 2016,8(6):1276-1286
2016-JUL 12 WANG S; WANG XX; MA LF; LIN XW; ZHANG DQ; LI Z; WU YJ; ZHENG CW; FENG X; LIAO SY; FENG YM; CHEN J; HU XJ; WANG M; HAN CS; Retinoic Acid Is Sufficient for the In Vitro Induction of Mouse Spermatocytes STEM CELL REPORTS 2016,7(1):80-94
2015-MAY 1 CHEN HR; ZHAO Y; TANG H; Role of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist in regulating specific Hepatitis B antibody production JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2015,194( ): -
2016- SONG DJ; YUE LF; ZHANG JJ; MA SS; ZHAO W; GUO F; FAN YZ; YANG HY; LIU QL; ZHANG D; XIA ZQ; QIN P; JIA J; YUE M; YU JK; ZHENG S; YANG FQ; WANG JX; Diagnostic and prognostic significance of serum apolipoprotein C-I in triple-negative breast cancer based on mass spectrometry CANCER BIOLOGY & THERAPY 2016,17(6):635-647
2016-SEP HAN YY; TANG JJ; GAO RF; GUO X; LEI M; GAO JM; A new semisynthetic 1-O-acetyl-6-O-lauroylbritannilactone induces apoptosis of human laryngocarcinoma cells through p53-dependent pathway TOXICOLOGY IN VITRO 2016,35( ):112-120
2015- ZOU YQ; PENG YS; LU L; JIANG TJ; DENG LZ; JIANG TJ; DENG LZ; Prediction of Influenza Epidemics at the Province Level in China Using Search Query from 'Haosou' 2015 12th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD) 2015, ( ):1450-1454

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