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New Publications of IBP (Nov. 2016)

Updated: 2016-12-14

Publication Date Author Title Journal
2016-OCT 27 YANG HT; HU MH; GUO JL; OU XM; CAI TX; LIU ZF; Pore architecture of TRIC channels and insights into their gating mechanism NATURE 2016,538(7626):537-+
2016-OCT 28 NIXON-ABELL J; OBARA CJ; WEIGEL AV; LI D; LEGANT WR; XU CS; PASOLLI HA; HARVEY K; HESS HF; BETZIG E; BLACKSTONE C; LIPPINCOTT-SCHWARTZ J; Increased spatiotemporal resolution reveals highly dynamic dense tubular matrices in the peripheral ER SCIENCE 2016,354(6311):433-+
2016-OCT 24 LI Y; CHEN BH; ZOU W; WANG X; WU YW; ZHAO DF; SUN YA; LIU YB; CHEN LW; MIAO L; YANG CL; WANG XC; The lysosomal membrane protein SCAV-3 maintains lysosome integrity and adult longevity JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 2016,215(2):167-185
2016-NOV 7 MURUGESAN S; HONG JS; YI J; LI D; BEACH JR; SHAO L; MEINHARDT J; MADISON G; WU XF; BETZIG E; HAMMER JA; Formin-generated actomyosin arcs propel T cell receptor microcluster movement at the immune synapse JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 2016,215(3):383-399
2016-NOV GALGAMUWA R; HARDY K; DAHLSTROM JE; BLACKBURN AC; WIUM E; ROOKE M; CAPPELLO JY; TUMMALA P; PATEL HR; CHUAH A; TIAN LY; MCMORROW L; BOARD PG; THEODORATOS A; Dichloroacetate Prevents Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity without Compromising Cisplatin Anticancer Properties JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF NEPHROLOGY 2016,27(11):3331-3344
2016-OCT 18 DU W; ZHOU MG; ZHAO W; CHENG DW; WANG LF; LU JZ; SONG EL; FENG W; XUE YH; XU PY; XU T; HID-1 is required for homotypic fusion of immature secretory granules during maturation ELIFE 2016,5( ): -
2016-OCT 4 YANG K; LI DF; WANG XE; LIANG JZ; SITIA R; WANG CC; WANG X; Crystal Structure of the ERp44-Peroxiredoxin 4 Complex Reveals the Molecular Mechanisms of Thiol-Mediated Protein Retention STRUCTURE 2016,24(10):1755-1765
2016-OCT 4 SONG XH; YIN ST; ZHANG EX; FAN LH; YE M; ZHANG Y; HU HB; Glycycoumarin exerts anti-liver cancer activity by directly targeting T-LAK cell-originated protein kinase ONCOTARGET 2016,7(40):65732-65743
2016-NOV XIA PY; WANG S; GAO P; GAO GX; FAN ZS; DNA sensor cGAS-mediated immune recognition PROTEIN & CELL 2016,7(11):777-791
2016-NOV CHEN MM; LI Y; YANG MX; CHEN XP; CHEN YM; YANG F; LU S; YAO SY; ZHOU T; LIU JH; ZHU L; DU SD; WU JY; A new method for quantifying mitochondrial axonal transport PROTEIN & CELL 2016,7(11):804-819
2016-NOV ZHANG XJC; LIU ZF; LI J; From membrane tension to channel gating: A principal energy transfer mechanism for mechanosensitive channels PROTEIN SCIENCE 2016,25(11):1954-1964
2016-NOV ZHU C; ZHANG CS; ZHANG T; ZHANG XL; SHEN Q; TANG B; LIANG HH; LAI LH; Rational design of TNF alpha binding proteins based on the de novo designed protein DS119 PROTEIN SCIENCE 2016,25(11):2066-2075
2016-OCT YAMAMOTO M; KAWAGUCHI Y; INOUE J; MATSUDA Z; Application of the dual split protein reporter to a high throughput screening of potential fusion inhibitors of HIV-1 envelope protein PROTEIN SCIENCE 2016,25( ):117-118
2016-DEC 15 WANG H; LI WY; LAI BT; YANG XH; ZHANG CY; TAO H; ZHU YZ; LI JZ; Role of 3 ' repressor sequences of p53 in anti-cancer drug sensitivity of human lung tumor cells GENE 2016,594(2):190-196
2016- WANG SD; JIA MM; Antibody Therapies in Cancer PROGRESS IN CANCER IMMUNOTHERAPY 2016,909( ):1-67
2016-AUG TAO G; WANG YJ; LIU LN; CHANG HP; ZHAO P; HE HW; Preparation and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles Composited on Polyelectrolyte Film Coated Sericin Gel for Enhanced Antibacterial Application SCIENCE OF ADVANCED MATERIALS 2016,8(8):1547-1552
2016-OCT ZHANG XW; ZHANG F; MA XH; ZHAO X; LI W; ZHANG ZP; ZHANG JB; ZHANG XE; CUI ZQ; Identification of interaction between HIV-1 glycoprotein 41 and integrase VIROLOGICA SINICA 2016,31(5):415-424
2016- ZHANG D; PENG HY; WANG JQ; TANG M; XUE R; ZUO ZT; Natural image classification driven by human brain activity MEDICAL IMAGING 2016-BIOMEDICAL APPLICATIONS IN MOLECULAR, STRUCTURAL, AND FUNCTIONAL IMAGING 2016,9788( ): -
2015- ZOU YQ; PENG YS; LU L; JIANG TJ; DENG LZ; JIANG TJ; DENG LZ; Prediction of Influenza Epidemics at the Province Level in China Using Search Query from 'Haosou' 2015 12TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FUZZY SYSTEMS AND KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERY (FSKD) 2015, ( ):1450-1454

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