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New Publications of IBP (Dec. 2017)

Updated: 2019-09-26

Publication Date Author Title Journal IF
2017-DEC 21 HE KM; MARSLAND R; UPADHYAYULA S; SONG E; DANG S; CAPRARO BR; WANG WM; SKILLERN W; GAUDIN R; MA MH; KIRCHHAUSEN T; Dynamics of phosphoinositide conversion in clathrin-mediated endocytic traffic NATURE 2017,552(7685):410-+ 41.458
2017-DEC 21 FENG H; LIU XH; WANG S; FLEMING J; WANG DC; LIU W; The mechanism of NDM-1-catalyzed carbapenem hydrolysis is distinct from that of penicillin or cephalosporin hydrolysis NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017,8( ): - 12.001
2017-DEC 29 YANG Y; WANG Q; WANG SR; WANG Y; XIAO Q; Representation of time interval entrained by periodic stimuli in the visual thalamus of pigeons ELIFE 2017,6( ): - 8.512
2017-DEC WU H; WILLIMSKY G; ZHIHAI Q; SIEGMUND B; GLAUBEN R; Oleate but not stearate induces the regulatory phenotype of myeloid suppressor cells EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY 2017,47( ):303-303 4.315
2017- CHEN HH; SU BB; ZHANG TT; HUANG AP; LIU HP; YU Y; WANG JY; Engineering the metal-binding loop at a type 1 copper center by circular permutation RSC ADVANCES 2017,7(88):56093-56098 3.485
2017-DEC MATSUDA Z; LIU DH; WANG HY; The Role of the C-terminal Heptad Repeat (CHR) of HIV-1 gp41 in Formation and Enlargement of Fusion Pores PROTEIN SCIENCE 2017,26( ):131-132 2.809
2017-DEC CHEN YY; ZHANG XE; BI LJ; Effects of Integration Host Factor (IHF) From Mycobacterium smegmatis on DNA Topological Structure PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2017,44(12):1110-1117 0.245
2017-APR LIANG K; LIU F; FAN J; SUN DL; LIU C; LYON CJ; BERNARD DW; LI Y; YOKOI K; KATZ MH; KOAY EJ; ZHAO Z; HU Y; Nanoplasmonic quantification of tumour-derived extracellular vesicles in plasma microsamples for diagnosis and treatment monitoring NATURE BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING 2017,1(4): - 0

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