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New Publications of IBP (Mar. 2018)

Updated: 2019-09-26

Publication Date Author Title Journal IF
2018-MAR 22 ZHONG SJ; ZHANG S; FAN XY; WU Q; YAN LY; DONG J; ZHANG HF; LI L; SUN L; PAN N; XU XH; TANG FC; ZHANG J; QIAO J; WANG XQ; A single-cell RNA-seq survey of the developmental landscape of the human prefrontal cortex NATURE 2018,555(7697):524-+ 43.769
2018-MAR 22 GAO L; WU KL; LIU ZB; YAO XL; YUAN SL; TAO WR; YI LZ; YU GL; HOU ZZ; FAN DD; TIAN Y; LIU JQ; CHEN ZJ; LIU J; Chromatin Accessibility Landscape in Human Early Embryos and Its Association with Evolution CELL 2018,173(1):248-+ 34.103
2018-APR JUN M; XIAOLONG Q; CHAOJUAN Y; RUIYUAN P; SHUKUN W; JUNBING W; LI H; HONG C; JINBO C; RONG W; YAJIN L; LANQUN M; FENGCHAO W; ZHIYING W; JIANXIONG A; YUN W; XIA Z; CHEN Z; ZENGQIANG Y; Calhm2 governs astrocytic ATP releasing in the development of depression-like behaviors MOLECULAR PSYCHIATRY 2018,23(4):883-891 13.328
2018-MAR 26 SHANG CP; CHEN ZJ; LIU AX; LI Y; ZHANG JJ; QU BL; YAN F; ZHANG YN; LIU WX; LIU ZH; GUO XF; LI DP; WANG Y; CAO P; Divergent midbrain circuits orchestrate escape and freezing responses to looming stimuli in mice NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2018,9( ): - 13.092
2018-MAR 29 YANG SD; LIU L; CAO C; SONG N; WANG YJ; MA S; ZHANG Q; YU N; DING X; YANG FQ; TIAN SS; ZHANG K; SUN T; YANG J; YAO Z; WU SY; SHI L; USP52 acts as a deubiquitinase and promotes histone chaperone ASF1A stabilization NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2018,9( ): - 13.092
2018-MAR 19 HARBUT MB; YANG BY; LIU RH; YANO T; VILCHEZE C; CHENG B; LOCKNER J; GUO H; YU CG; FRANZBLAU SG; PETRASSI HM; JACOBS WR; RUBIN H; CHATTERJEE AK; WANG F; Small Molecules Targeting Mycobacterium tuberculosis Type II NADH Dehydrogenase Exhibit Antimycobacterial Activity ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2018,57(13):3478-3482 11.838
2018-MAR YU Y; HU C; XIA L; WANG JY; Artificial Metalloenzyme Design with Unnatural Amino Acids and Non-Native Cofactors ACS CATALYSIS 2018,8(3):1851-1863 10.945
2018-MAR 20 WU YF; LI X; JIA JY; ZHANG YP; LI J; ZHU ZM; WANG HQ; TANG J; HU JJ; Transmembrane E3 ligase RNF183 mediates ER stress-induced apoptosis by degrading Bcl-xL PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2018,115(12):E2762-E2771 10.414
2018-MAR 27 ZHANG YH; LIU WW; LI RH; GU JQ; WU P; PENG C; MA JB; WU LG; YU Y; HUANG Y; Structural insights into the sequence-specific recognition of Piwi by Drosophila Papi PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2018,115(13):3374-3379 10.414
2018-MAR 6 SU LP; LI HY; HUANG C; ZHAO TT; ZHANG YJ; BA XQ; LI ZW; ZHANG Y; HUANG BQ; LU J; ZHAO YM; LI XX; Muscle-Specific Histone H3K36 Dimethyltransferase SET-18 Shortens Lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans by Repressing daf-16a Expression CELL REPORTS 2018,22(10):2716-2729 8.728
2018-MAR 27 QI M; ZHANG XE; SUN XX; ZHANG XW; YAO YF; LIU SL; CHEN Z; LI W; ZHANG ZP; CHEN JJ; CUI ZQ; Intranasal Nanovaccine Confers Homo- and Hetero-Subtypic Influenza Protection SMALL 2018,14(13): - 8.296
2018-APR LIU X; LI DY; ZHANG DL; YIN DD; ZHAO Y; JI CJ; ZHAO XF; LI XB; HE Q; CHEN RS; HU SN; ZHU LH; A novel antisense long noncoding RNA, TWISTED LEAF, maintains leaf blade flattening by regulating its associated sense R2R3-MYB gene in rice NEW PHYTOLOGIST 2018,218(2):774-788 7.857
2018- ZHANG JH; SONG K; WANG J; LI YA; LIU SQ; DAI CL; CHEN LP; WANG SD; QIN ZH; S100A4 blockage alleviates agonistic anti-CD137 antibody-induced liver pathology without disruption of antitumor immunity ONCOIMMUNOLOGY 2018,7(4): - 6.921
2018-MAR 25 DENG HZ; SONG K; ZHANG JH; DENG LD; DONG AJ; QIN ZH; Modulating the rigidity of nanoparticles for tumor penetration CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS 2018,54(24):3014-3017 6.238
2018-JAN 22 XU WC; LIANG JZ; LI C; HE ZX; YUAN HY; HUANG BY; LIU XL; TANG B; PANG DW; DU HN; YANG Y; CHEN J; WANG L; ZHANG M; LIANG Y; Pathological hydrogen peroxide triggers the fibrillization of wild-type SOD1 via sulfenic acid modification of Cys-111 CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2018,9( ): - 6.147
2018-JAN 24 DANG YJ; WANG XY; HAO YJ; ZHANG XY; ZHAO SD; MA JL; QIN YY; CHEN ZJ; MicroRNA-379-5p is associate with biochemical premature ovarian insufficiency through PARP1 and XRCC6 CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2018,9( ): - 6.147
2018-FEB 15 HOU SS; TIAN T; QI DW; SUN KJ; YUAN Q; WANG ZL; QIN ZH; WU ZL; CHEN ZN; ZHANG JH; S100A4 promotes lung tumor development through beta-catenin pathway-mediated autophagy inhibition CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2018,9( ): - 6.147
2018- YAN HW; BU PC; Non-coding RNAs in cancer stem cells CANCER LETTERS 2018,421( ):121-126 5.851
2018-APR XU LA; GONG WB; CUSACK SA; WU HW; LOOVERS HM; ZHANG H; PERRETT S; JONES GW; The beta 6/beta 7 region of the Hsp70 substrate-binding domain mediates heat-shock response and prion propagation CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR LIFE SCIENCES 2018,75(8):1445-1459 5.643
2018-MAY 1 LI YT; FAN YN; XU J; ZHANG P; JIANG TJ; DAI MH; LI LM; Genome-wide RNA-Seq identifies Fas/FasL-mediated tumoricidal activity of embryonic stem cells INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER 2018,142(9):1829-1841 5.573
2018-APR WU BB; YU LX; HU PD; LU Y; LI J; WEI Y; HE RQ; GRP78 protects CHO cells from ribosylation BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR CELL RESEARCH 2018,1865(4):629-637 5.374
2018-MAR 29 WANG H; WANG ZC; ZHOU YF; TZVETANOV T; Near- and Far-Surround Suppression in Human Motion Discrimination FRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE 2018,12( ): - 3.941
2018-MAY 15 WANG D; YANG HL; ZHOU Z; ZHAO M; CHEN RS; REED SH; XPF plays an indispensable role in relieving silver nanoparticle induced DNA damage stress in human cells TOXICOLOGY LETTERS 2018,288( ):44-54 3.807
2018-APR WU ZM; ZHANG WQ; SONG MS; WANG W; WEI G; LI W; LEI JH; HUANG Y; SANG YM; CHAN P; CHEN C; QU J; SUZUKI K; BELMONTE J; LIU GH; Differential stem cell aging kinetics in Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome and Werner syndrome PROTEIN & CELL 2018,9(4):333-350 3.599
2018-MAY 5 LEI L; LIU SN; LI YQ; SONG HP; HE LC; LIU Q; SUN SJ; LI Y; FENG ZQ; SHEN ZF; The potential role of glucokinase activator SHP289-04 in anti-diabetes and hepatic protection EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY 2018,826( ):17-23 2.73
2018-MAR 4 FENG N; QI C; HOU YJ; ZHANG Y; WANG DC; LI DF; The C2 '- and C3 '-endo equilibrium for AMP molecules bound in the cystathionine-beta-synthase domain BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2018,497(2):646-651 2.354
2018-MAR 11 YANG WS; HONG Y; ZHANG Y; WANG DC; LI DF; HOU YJ; A potential substrate binding pocket of BdcA plays a critical role in NADPH recognition and biofilm dispersal BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2018,497(3):863-868 2.354
2018-FEB LIU SM; WANG NL; ZUO ZT; CHEN WW; YANG DY; LI Z; CAO YW; The effect of increased intra-abdominal pressure on orbital subarachnoid space width and intraocular pressure NEURAL REGENERATION RESEARCH 2018,13(2):353-359 0.984
2018-MAR LI L; LEE E; SHAW N; Expression, purification and crystallization of phosphoribosyl transferase from a mycobacteriophage ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION F-STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY COMMUNICATIONS 2018,74( ):161-165 0.549
2018-MAR GUO L; LIU YF; Crystal structure of the Kelch domain of human NS1-binding protein at 1.98 angstrom resolution ACTA CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA SECTION F-STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY COMMUNICATIONS 2018,74( ):174-178 0.549
2018-MAR XU BJ; SONG GT; YAN Q; smFRET Study Progress in The Dynamics of Ribosome Translocation PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2018,45(3):314-324 0.291
2018-MAR LI ZH; XUE MM; LIU HY; HOU JJ; XU T; ZHOU YF; Free Fatty Acids Induce Pyroptosis in Pancreatic beta-Cells PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2018,45(3):375-378 0.291
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