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New Publications of IBP (Sep. 2018)

Updated: 2019-09-26

Publication Date Author Title Journal IF
2018-SEP 28 YU CH; GAN HY; SERRA-CARDONA A; ZHANG L; GAN SL; SHARMA S; JOHANSSON E; CHABES A; XU RM; ZHANG ZG; A mechanism for preventing asymmetric histone segregation onto replicating DNA strands SCIENCE 2018,361(6409):1386-+ 40.627
2018-OCT ZHU PP; WU JY; WANG YY; ZHU XX; LU TK; LIU BY; HE LY; YE BQ; WANG S; MENG S; FAN DD; WANG J; YANG LL; QIN XW; DU Y; LI C; HE L; REN WZ; WU X; TIAN Y; FAN ZS; LncGata6 maintains stemness of intestinal stem cells and promotes intestinal tumorigenesis NATURE CELL BIOLOGY 2018,20(10):1134-+ 20.46
2018-SEP LIANG MM; TAN H; ZHOU J; WANG T; DUAN DM; FAN KL; HE JY; CHENG DF; SHI HC; CHOI HS; YAN XY; Bioengineered H-Ferritin Nanocages for Quantitative Imaging of Vulnerable Plaques in Atherosclerosis ACS NANO 2018,12(9):9300-9308 14.82
2018-OCT 1 SU DX; MA S; SHAN L; WANG Y; WANG YJ; CAO C; LIU BB; YANG C; WANG LY; TIAN SS; DING X; LIU XH; YU N; SONG N; LIU L; YANG SD; ZHANG Q; YANG FQ; ZHANG K; SHI L; Ubiquitin-specific protease 7 sustains DNA damage response and promotes cervical carcinogenesis JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION 2018,128(10):4280-4296 14.434
2018-SEP 14 ZHANG WQ; SONG MS; QU J; LIU GH; Epigenetic Modifications in Cardiovascular Aging and Diseases CIRCULATION RESEARCH 2018,123(7):773-786 13.313
2018-OCT WANG YY; ZHU PP; WANG J; ZHU XX; LUO JJ; MENG S; WU JY; YE BQ; HE LY; DU Y; HE L; CHEN RS; TIAN Y; FAN ZS; Long noncoding RNA lncHand2 promotes liver repopulation via c-Met signaling JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY 2018,69(4):861-872 12.682
2018-OCT DONG R; ZHU T; BENEDETTI L; GOWRISHANKAR S; DENG HC; CAI YY; WANG XM; SHEN K; DE CAMILLI P; The inositol 5-phosphatase INPP5K participates in the fine control of ER organization JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY 2018,217(10):3577-3592 9.567
2018-SEP 19 LI WH; HAN P; CHEN Y; GUO YL; LI D; WU Y; YUE Y; CHU MQ; Drug-Loaded Polymer-Coated Graphitic Carbon Nanocages for Highly Efficient in Vivo Near-Infrared Laser-Induced Synergistic Therapy through Enhancing Initial Temperature ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2018,10(37):31186-31197 8.284
2018-SEP 24 WANG Y; LONG HZ; YU J; DONG LP; WASSEF M; ZHUO BW; LI X; ZHAO JC; WANG M; LIU CF; WEN ZQ; CHANG LY; CHEN P; WANG QF; XU XQ; MARGUERON R; LI GH; Histone variants H2A.Z and H3.3 coordinately regulate PRC2-dependent H3K27me3 deposition and gene expression regulation in mES cells BMC BIOLOGY 2018,16( ): - 7.436
2018-OCT 3 XIONG CY; WEN ZQ; YU J; CHEN J; LIU CP; ZHANG XD; CHEN P; XU RM; LI GH; UBN1/2 of HIRA complex is responsible for recognition and deposition of H3.3 at cis- regulatory elements of genes in mouse ES cells BMC BIOLOGY 2018,16( ): - 7.436
2018-SEP 11 WANG SY; LIU ZF; YE YX; LI BN; LIU TT; ZHANG WQ; LIU GH; ZHANG YA; QU J; XU DW; CHEN ZG; Ectopic hTERT expression facilitates reprograming of fibroblasts derived from patients with Werner syndrome as a WS cellular model CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2018,9( ): - 6.187
2018-SEP YANG Z; ZHANG RY; GE YX; QIN XY; KANG X; WANG Y; ZHANG X; SONG CL; QUAN XF; WANG HF; CHEN HG; LI C; Somatic FGFR3 Mutations Distinguish a Subgroup of Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancers with Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy EBIOMEDICINE 2018,35( ):198-203 6.112
2018-SEP LIU D; JI L; ZHAO MM; WANG Y; GUO YS; LI L; ZHANG DM; XU L; PAN B; SU JZ; XIANG S; PENNATHUR S; LI JX; GAO JN; LIU PS; WILLARD B; ZHENG LM; Lysine glycation of apolipoprotein A-I impairs its anti-inflammatory function in type 2 diabetes mellitus JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR CARDIOLOGY 2018,122( ):47-57 5.031
2018-DEC 4 LIANG K; GAO HY; GU YJ; YANG SJ; ZHANG JL; LI JJ; WANG YL; WANG YJ; LI Y; Graphene oxide aggregate-assisted LDI-MS for the direct analysis of triacylglycerol in complex biological samples ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA 2018,1035( ):108-118 4.837
2018-SEP 26 HONG Y; LI SR; WANG JF; LI YM; In vitro inhibition of hepatic stellate cell activation by the autophagy-related lipid droplet protein ATG2A (vol 8, 9232, 2018) SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2018,8( ): - 4.609
2018-OCT CHEN XW; FAN Z; MCGEE W; CHEN MM; KONG RR; WEN PS; XIAO TF; CHEN XM; LIU JH; ZHU L; CHEN RS; WU JY; TDP-43 regulates cancer-associated microRNAs PROTEIN & CELL 2018,9(10):848-866 4.326
2018-OCT ZHU XY; LI M; XU XJ; ZHANG R; ZHANG XF; MA Z; LU JZ; XU T; HOU JJ; SONG E; hTAC internalizes via both clathrin-dependent and clathrin-independent endocytosis in mammalian cells PROTEIN & CELL 2018,9(10):896-901 4.326
2018-OCT 4 LI DD; QIAO HL; QIU WJ; XU X; LIU TM; JIANG QL; LIU RY; JIAO ZJ; ZHANG K; BI LJ; CHEN RS; KAN YC; Identification and functional characterization of intermediate-size non-coding RNAs in maize BMC GENOMICS 2018,19( ): - 4.257
2018-SEP SHAN L; LIU TN; ZHANG ZJ; LIU Q; ZHANG MJ; ZHAO XD; ZHANG Y; XU FQ; MA YY; Schizophrenia-like olfactory dysfunction induced by acute and postnatal phencyclidine exposure in rats SCHIZOPHRENIA RESEARCH 2018,199( ):274-280 4.08
2018-AUG 8 JAHED Z; VU UT; FADAVI D; KE HM; RATHISH A; KIM SCJ; FENG W; MOFRAD MRK; A molecular model for LINC complex regulation: activation of SUN2 for KASH binding MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 2018,29(16):2012-2023 4.075
2018-AUG 15 ZHANG JB; LIU JC; NORRIS A; GRANT BD; WANG XC; A novel requirement for ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme UBC-13 in retrograde recycling of MIG-14/Wntless and Wnt signaling MOLECULAR BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 2018,29(17):2098-2112 4.075
2018-SEP 10 DAI LC; XIE XY; ZHOU Z; Crystal structure of the histone heterodimer containing histone variant H2A.Bbd BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2018,503(3):1786-1791 2.455
2018-SEP QU Y; WANG S; FAN ZS; Research Progress on The Biological Functions and Immunoregulatory Effects of Innate Lymphoid Cells PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2018,45(9):897-914 0.223
2018-SEP ZENG WF; ZHANG FY; DU GJ; JIN LT; QIN L; DONG WJ; ZHANG C; WANG LY; YIN XZ; ZHANG CL; LIANG W; Research Updates on a Novel Immunomodulator, Naringenin PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2018,45(9):915-925 0.223
2018-SEP WANG ZH; LI HY; QU J; ZHANG WQ; LIU GH; Premature Aging Disorders: Mechanisms and Potential Therapeutic Interventions PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2018,45(9):926-934 0.223
2018-SEP LI AJ; LIU ZF; Supramolecular Structural Basis of The Light-Harvesting Process in Plants PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2018,45(9):935-946 0.223
2018-SEP SUN ZY; ZHANG P; Targeting the Interaction Between Transcranial Electrical Stimulation with Ongoing Neural Activity and the Modulation of Cognition PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2018,45(9):947-956 0.223
2018-SEP LI WX; GU LS; XU XJ; XUE YH; JI W; XU T; Cryogenic Super-resolution Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (csCLEM): New Challenges and New Opportunities PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2018,45(9):957-960 0.223
2018-SEP YANG ZH; LIU L; Research Progress of Learned Helplessness PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2018,45(9):961-965 0.223
2018-SEP ZHANG LG; Type I Interferons: a Double-edged Sword in HIV Infection PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2018,45(9):966-970 0.223
2018-SEP HUANG Y; ZHOU Z; Recent Progress in Histone Chaperones Associated With H2A-H2B Type Histones PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2018,45(9):971-980 0.223
2018-SEP NIU YF; WANG HF; FU J; PAN Y; LIU ZH; Hyaluronic Acids Protects Against Gastric Infection PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2018,45(9):981-986 0.223
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