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New Publications of IBP (Nov. 2018)

Updated: 2018-12-14

Publication Date Author Title Journal IF
2018-NOV 30 GONG HR; LI J; XU A; TANG YT; JI WX; GAO RG; WANG SH; YU L; TIAN CL; LI JW; YEN HY; LAM SM; SHUI GH; YANG XN; SUN YN; LI XM; JIA MZ; YANG C; JIANG B; LOU ZY; ROBINSON CV; WONG LL; GUDDAT LW; SUN F; WANG Q; RAO ZH; An electron transfer path connects subunits of a mycobacterial respiratory supercomplex SCIENCE 2018,362(6418):1020-+ 40.627
2018-NOV 9 CHEN XJ; SUN XL; YANG W; YANG B; ZHAO XZ; CHEN ST; HE LL; CHEN H; YANG CM; XIAO L; CHANG Z; GUO JP; HE J; ZHANG FP; ZHENG F; HU ZB; YANG ZY; LOU JZ; ZHENG WJ; QI H; XU CQ; ZHANG H; SHAN HY; ZHOU XJ; WANG QW; SHI Y; LAI LH; LI ZG; LIU WL; An autoimmune disease variant of IgG1 modulates B cell activation and differentiation SCIENCE 2018,362(6415):700-+ 40.627
2018-NOV 15 GUO YT; LI D; ZHANG SW; YANG YR; LIU JJ; WANG XY; LIU C; MILKIE DE; MOORE RP; TULU US; KIEHART DP; HU JJ; LIPPINCOTT-SCHWARTZ J; BETZIG E; LI D; Visualizing Intracellular Organelle and Cytoskeletal Interactions at Nanoscale Resolution on Millisecond Timescales CELL 2018,175(5):1430-+ 33.796
2018-DEC LIU XH; KANG FY; HU C; WANG L; XU Z; ZHENG DD; GONG WM; LU Y; MA YH; WANG JY; A genetically encoded photosensitizer protein facilitates the rational design of a miniature photocatalytic CO2-reducing enzyme NATURE CHEMISTRY 2018,10(12):1201-1206 28.79
2018-DEC HUO YG; LI T; WANG N; DONG QH; WANG XX; JIANG T; Cryo-EM structure of Type III-A CRISPR effector complex CELL RESEARCH 2018,28(12):1195-1197 15.973
2018-DEC ZHANG B; YE WW; YE YM; ZHOU H; SAEED AFUH; CHEN J; LIN JY; PERCULIJA V; CHEN Q; CHEN CJ; CHANG MX; CHOUDHARY MI; OUYANG SY; Structural insights into Cas13b-guided CRISPR RNA maturation and recognition CELL RESEARCH 2018,28(12):1198-1201 15.973
2018-NOV 15 XU XJ; QIAN X; JIANG HF; XIA Y; ZHENG YH; LI J; HUANG BJ; FANG J; QIAN CN; JIANG T; ZENG YX; LU ZM; Nuclear PGK1 Alleviates ADP-Dependent Inhibition of CDC7 to Promote DNA Replication MOLECULAR CELL 2018,72(4):650-+ 14.703
2018-NOV 26 ZHU L; SUN YY; FAN JY; ZHU B; CAO L; GAO Q; ZHANG YJ; LIU HR; RAO ZH; WANG XX; Structures of Coxsackievirus A10 unveil the molecular mechanisms of receptor binding and viral uncoating NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2018,9( ): - 13.691
2018-SEP 28 ZHOU ZY; HU Y; LI AM; LI YJ; ZHAO H; WANG SQ; OTECKO NO; ZHANG DJ; WANG JH; LIU YJ; IRWIN DM; QIN Y; ZHANG YP; Genome wide analyses uncover allele-specific RNA editing in human and mouse NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2018,46(17):8888-8897 10.235
2018-NOV 20 CHEN MH; LI W; ZHANG ZP; PAN JD; SUN YH; ZHANG XW; ZHANG XE; CUI ZQ; Three-Fragment Fluorescence Complementation for Imaging of Ternary Complexes under Physiological Conditions ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2018,90(22):13299-13305 6.035
2018-NOV LI HL; ZHU L; CHEN HM; LI TP; HAN Q; WANG SH; YAO XL; FENG HL; FAN LY; GAO SR; BOYD R; CAO X; ZHU P; LI J; KEATING A; SU XD; ZHAO RCH; Generation of Functional Hepatocytes from Human Adipose-Derived MYC+ KLF4(+) GMNN(+) Stem Cells Analyzed by Single-Cell RNA-Seq Profiling STEM CELLS TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2018,7(11):792-805 5.144
2018-DEC ZHANG ZH; WANG XJ; XIN JY; DING ZR; LIU S; FANG QL; YANG N; XU RM; CAI G; Architecture of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex PROTEIN & CELL 2018,9(12):1045-1049 4.326
2018-DEC ZHANG LL; LUO YT; TENG X; WU ZZ; LI MT; XU D; WANG Q; WANG F; FENG J; ZENG XF; YAN XY; CD146: a potential therapeutic target for systemic sclerosis PROTEIN & CELL 2018,9(12):1050-1054 4.326
2018-NOV 16 GONG WB; HU WH; XU LN; WU HW; WU S; ZHANG H; WANG JF; JONES GW; PERRETT S; The C-terminal GGAP motif of Hsp70 mediates substrate recognition and stress response in yeast JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2018,293(46):17663-17675 4.253
2018-NOV 2 DENG W; YU ZS; LIU XH; YU SY; Anion Hydrogen Bonding of Palladium(II)-based Metallacalixarenes Using Pyridyl- or Phenyl-Bridged Di-Naphthoimidazoles CHEMISTRY-AN ASIAN JOURNAL 2018,13(21):3173-3179 3.497
2018-DEC 15 LI ZJ; WEI JX; YANG YL; MA XW; HOU BD; AN WQ; HUA ZL; ZHAN JJ; LI Y; MA GH; ZHANG SP; SU ZG; Strong hydrophobicity enables efficient purification of HBc VLPs displaying various antigen epitopes through hydrophobic interaction chromatography BIOCHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL 2018,140( ):157-167 3.106
2018- LIU MY; YU HJ; ZHANG D; HAN QX; YANG XL; LIU XW; WANG JF; ZHANG K; YANG FQ; CAI GY; CHEN XM; ZHU HY; Alteration of glycosylation in serum proteins: a new potential indicator to distinguish non-diabetic renal diseases from diabetic nephropathy RSC ADVANCES 2018,8(68):38872-38882 3.096
2018-NOV SONG JP; MATSUDA Z; KAWAGUCHI Y; INOUE J; Construction of Supercharged GFP-Based Dual Split Reporter Protein PROTEIN SCIENCE 2018,27( ):48-49 2.778
2018-OCT HALL NJ; YANG Y; LISBERGER SG; Multiple components in direction learning in smooth pursuit eye movements of monkeys JOURNAL OF NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2018,120(4):2020-2035 2.755
2018-DEC CUI JH; CHEN YB; LI M; CAI QC; ZHANG LD; LU ZY; LI JC; ZHU QS; JI G; LUO KJ; Cryo-EM structure reveals cylindrical nucleocapsids from two polydnaviruses ARCHIVES OF VIROLOGY 2018,163(12):3357-3363 2.144
2018-NOV ZAR MS; SHAHID AA; SHAHZAD MS; SHIN KJ; LEE HY; LEE SS; ISRAR M; WIEGAND P; KULSTEIN G; Forensic SNP Genotyping with SNaPshot: Development of a Novel In-house SBE Multiplex SNP Assay JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES 2018,63(6):1824-1829 1.381
2018-NOV WANG ZL; KANG N; LIANG YQ; XIAO Q; HUANG SH; CorTector (TM) SX100: Principles and Applications of a Bench-top Fluorescence Correlation Spectrometer PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2018,45(11):1166-1177 0.223
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