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New Publications of IBP (Jan. 2019)

Updated: 2019-04-17

Publication Date Author Title Journal IF
2018-DEC LI Q; YIN W; LI W; ZHANG ZP; ZHANG XW; ZHANG XE; CUI ZQ; Encapsulating Quantum Dots within HIV-1 Virions through Site-Specific Decoration of the Matrix Protein Enables Single Virus Tracking in Live Primary Macrophages NANO LETTERS 2018,18(12):7457-7468 14.201
2018-DEC 18 REN JQ; WANG S; CHEN H; WANG WJ; HUO L; FENG W; Coiled-coil 1-mediated fastening of the neck and motor domains for kinesin-3 autoinhibition PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2018,115(51):E11933-E11942 10.359
2018-DEC 18 CAO L; ZHANG R; LIU TT; SUN ZX; HU MX; SUN YN; CHENG LP; GUO Y; FU S; HU JJ; LI XM; YU CQ; WANG HY; CHEN HC; LI XM; FRY EE; STUART DI; QIAN P; LOU ZY; RAO ZH; Seneca Valley virus attachment and uncoating mediated by its receptor anthrax toxin receptor 1 PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2018,115(51):13087-13092 10.359
2019-JAN LI LY; ZHOU YM; GAO RY; LIU XC; DU HH; ZHANG JL; AI XC; ZHANG JP; FU LM; SKIBSTED LH; Naturally occurring nanotube with surface modification as biocompatible, target-specific nanocarrier for cancer phototherapy BIOMATERIALS 2019,190( ):86-96 9.315
2018-DEC 13 WANG LH; WANG EG; WANG Y; MINES R; XIANG K; SUN ZG; ZHOU GT; CHEN KY; RAKHILIN N; CHAO SS; YE GQ; WU ZZ; YAN HW; SHEN H; EVERITT J; BU PC; SHEN XL; miR-34a is a microRNA safeguard for Citrobacter-induced inflammatory colon oncogenesis ELIFE 2018,7( ): - 8.508
2018-DEC 18 SUN SW; HUANG CC; WANG YJ; LIU YM; ZHANG JW; ZHOU JY; GAO F; YANG F; CHEN RS; MULLOY B; CHAI WG; LI Y; BU DB; Toward Automated Identification of Glycan Branching Patterns Using Multistage Mass Spectrometry with Intelligent Precursor Selection ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2018,90(24):14412-14422 6.035
2018-DEC 21 WU F; ZHANG J; SHANG EC; ZHANG JZ; LI X; ZHU B; LEI XG; Synthesis and Evaluation of a New Type of Small Molecule Epigenetic Modulator Containing midazo[1,2-b][1,2,4]triazole Motif FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY 2018,6( ): - 4.749
2019-JAN HE YX; YE CL; ZHANG P; LI Q; PARK CG; YANG K; JIANG LY; LV Y; YING XL; DING HH; HUANG HP; TEMBO JM; LI AY; CHENG B; ZHANG SS; ZHENG GX; CHEN SY; LI W; XIA LX; KAN B; WANG X; JING HQ; YANG RF; PENG H; FU YX; KLENA JD; SKURNIK M; CHEN T; Yersinia pseudotuberculosis Exploits CD209 Receptors for Promoting Host Dissemination and Infection INFECTION AND IMMUNITY 2019,87(1): - 3.603
2019-JAN YU MM; BAO YL; WANG MP; ZHU HB; WANG XY; XING LX; CHANG FF; LIU YZ; FAROOQUE M; WANG YQ; QI XL; LIU CJ; ZHANG YP; CUI HY; LI K; GAO L; PAN Q; WANG XM; GAO YL; Development and application of a colloidal gold test strip for detection of avian leukosis virus APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY 2019,103(1):427-435 3.602
2018-NOV XU XJ; XUE YH; TIAN BY; FENG FP; GU LS; LI WX; JI W; XU T; Ultra-stable super-resolution fluorescence cryo-microscopy for correlative light and electron cryo-microscopy SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2018,61(11):1312-1319 2.328
2019-JAN DING HM; WANG X; MO WC; QIN LL; WONG S; FU JP; TAN Y; LIU Y; HE RQ; HUA Q; Hypomagnetic fields cause anxiety in adult male mice BIOELECTROMAGNETICS 2019,40(1):27-32 1.906
2018-DEC LIU Q; XU PY; YUAN L; A Method for Identifying The Topology of Etoposide-induced Protein 2.4 Using Split mNeonGreen2 PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2018,45(12):1280-1287 0.223
2017-JUN 15 CHENG L; YU HS; LI GM; LI F; MA JP; LI JY; CHI LQ; ZHANG LG; SU LS; Type I interferons suppress viral replication but contribute to T cell depletion and dysfunction during chronic HIV-1 infection JCI INSIGHT 2017,2(12): - 0
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