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New Publications of IBP (Apr. 2019)

Updated: 2019-05-10

Publication Date Author Title Journal IF
2019-MAY WANG Z; ZHANG H; Phzse Separation, Transition, and Autophagic Degradation of Proteins in Development and Pathogenesis TRENDS IN CELL BIOLOGY 2019,29(5):417-427 15.211
2019-APR 18 ZHU YL; GAO A; ZHAN Q; WANG Y; FENG H; LIU SQ; GAO GX; SERGANOV A; GAO P; Diverse Mechanisms of CRISPR-Cas9 Inhibition by Type IIC Anti-CRISPR Proteins MOLECULAR CELL 2019,74(2):296-+ 14.703
2019-APR LI LL; XU CC; ZHANG WJ; SECUNDO F; LI CY; ZHANG ZP; ZHANG XE; LI F; Cargo-Compatible Encapsulation in Virus-Based Nanoparticles NANO LETTERS 2019,19(4):2700-2706 14.201
2019-MAY WU JY; ZHU PP; LU TK; DU Y; WANG YY; HE LY; YE BQ; LIU BY; YANG LL; WANG J; GU Y; LAN J; HAO YJ; HE L; FAN ZS; The long non-coding RNA LncHDAC2 drives the self-renewal of liver cancer stem cells via activation of Hedgehog signaling JOURNAL OF HEPATOLOGY 2019,70(5):918-929 12.682
2019-APR 1 XU BL; WANG H; WANG WW; GAO LZ; LI SS; PAN XT; WANG HY; YANG HL; MENG XQ; WU QW; ZHENG LR; CHEN SM; SHI XH; FAN KL; YAN XY; LIU HY; A Single-Atom Nanozyme for Wound Disinfection Applications ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2019,58(15):4911-4916 11.954
    Deficiency of mitophagy receptor FUNDC1 impairs mitochondrial quality and aggravates dietary-induced obesity and metabolic syndrome   11.815
2019-JUN ZHANG KX; BAI XF; YUAN ZP; CAO XT; JIAO XY; LI YS; QIN Y; WEN YQ; ZHANG XJ; Layered nanofiber sponge with an improved capacity for promoting blood coagulation and wound healing BIOMATERIALS 2019,204( ):70-79 9.315
2019- JIANG B; ZHANG RF; ZHANG JL; HOU YX; CHEN XH; ZHOU M; TIAN XY; HAO CY; FAN KL; YAN XY; GRP78-targeted ferritin nanocaged ultra-high dose of doxorubicin for hepatocellular carcinoma therapy THERANOSTICS 2019,9(8):2167-2182 9.009
2019- XU SL; LIU YJ; YANG K; WANG HX; SHERGALIS A; KYANI A; BANKHEAD A; TAMURA S; YANG SH; WANG X; WANG CC; REHEMTULLA A; LJUNGMAN M; NEAMATI N; Inhibition of protein disulfide isomerase in glioblastoma causes marked downregulation of DNA repair and DNA damage response genes THERANOSTICS 2019,9(8):2282-2298 9.009
2019-APR 9 LI DF; ZHAO Y; LI D; ZHAO HY; HUANG J; MIAO GY; FENG D; LIU PS; LI D; ZHANG H; The ER-Localized Protein DFCP1 Modulates ER-Lipid Droplet Contact Formation CELL REPORTS 2019,27(2):343-+ 8.7
2019-APR 23 ZHU XP; ZHANG W; GUO J; ZHANG XJ; LI LP; WANG T; YAN JH; ZHANG FP; HOU BD; GAO N; GAO GF; ZHOU XY; Noc4L-Mediated Ribosome Biogenesis Controls Activation of Regulatory and Conventional T Cells CELL REPORTS 2019,27(4):1205-+ 8.7
2019-FEB BAN YQ; LIU YH; LI YZ; ZHANG YY; XIAO L; GU Y; CHENG SL; ZHAO BL; CHEN C; WANG NP; S-nitrosation impairs KLF4 activity and instigates endothelial dysfunction in pulmonary arterial hypertension REDOX BIOLOGY 2019,21( ): - 7.613
2019-APR ZHANG YL; ZHANG H; GAO YJ; YAN LL; YU XY; YANG YH; XU WY; PU CX; SUN Y; Protein Phosphatase 2A B 'alpha and B 'beta Protect Centromeric Cohesion during Meiosis I PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 2019,179(4):1556-1568 6.62
2019-MAR ZHANG YN; LI T; ZHANG LH; SHANGGUAN FG; SHI GZ; WU X; CUI Y; WANG XE; WANG X; LIU YZ; LU B; WEI TT; WANG CC; WANG L; Targeting the functional interplay between endoplasmic reticulum oxidoreductin-1 alpha and protein disulfide isomerase suppresses the progression of cervical cancer EBIOMEDICINE 2019,41( ):408-419 6.112
2019-MAY GAO Y; REN RJ; ZHONG ZL; DAMMER E; ZHAO QH; SHAN S; ZHOU Z; LI X; ZHANG YQ; CUI HL; HU YB; CHEN SD; CHEN JJ; GUO QH; WANG G; Mutation profile of APP, PSEN1, and PSEN2 in Chinese familial Alzheimer's disease NEUROBIOLOGY OF AGING 2019,77( ):154-157 5.06
2019-APR HE Q; GAO YH; WANG TX; ZHOU LJ; ZHOU WX; YUAN ZQ; Deficiency of Yes-Associated Protein Induces Cataract in Mice AGING AND DISEASE 2019,10(2):293-306 4.69
2019-MAY LV Y; ZHOU S; GAO SY; DENG HY; Remodeling of host membranes during herpesvirus assembly and egress PROTEIN & CELL 2019,10(5):315-326 4.326
2019-APR 5 YAMAMOTO M; DU QL; SONG JP; WANG HY; WATANABE A; TANAKA Y; KAWAGUCHI Y; INOUE J; MATSUDA Z; Cell-cell and virus-cell fusion assay-based analyses of alanine insertion mutants in the distal 9 portion of the JRFL gp41 subunit from HIV-1 JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2019,294(14):5677-5687 4.253
2019-MAR 29 LIANG RB; REN JQ; ZHANG Y; FENG W; Structural Conservation of the Two Phosphoinositide-Binding Sites in WIPI Proteins JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2019,431(7):1494-1505 4.242
2019-MAR 26 XUE DX; WANG JJ; SONG XY; WANG W; HU T; YE LT; LIU Y; ZHOU QT; ZHOU F; JIANG ZX; LIU ZJ; TAO HC; A Chemical Strategy for Amphiphile Replacement in Membrane Protein Research LANGMUIR 2019,35(12):4319-4327 4.139
2019-APR 9 LIU YQ; SUN CQ; HAN L; YU YQ; ZHOU HZ; SHAO Q; LOU JZ; ZHAO YF; HUANG YH; Conformational Dynamics, Intramolecular Domain Conformation Signaling, and Activation of Apo-FimD Revealed by Single-Molecule Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Studies BIOCHEMISTRY 2019,58(14):1931-1941 2.852
2019-APR 16 LIU YX; WANG M; LIU X; QUAN J; FANG Y; LIU YJ; QIU Y; YU Y; ZHOU X; Drosophila Trf4-1 involves in mRNA and primary miRNA transcription BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2019,511(4):806-812 2.455
2019- WANG JW; CONG F; ZHUO Y; CHEN L; WANG B; ZHANG YQ; 7.0T ultrahigh-field MRI directly visualized the pedunculopontine nucleus in Parkinson's disease patients CLINICS 2019,74( ): - 1.591
2019-APR DU PC; LI JJ; YANG SJ; WANG XT; ZHUO Y; WANG F; WANG RQ; Observing the steady-state visual evoked potentials with a compact quad-channel spin exchange relaxation-free magnetometer CHINESE PHYSICS B 2019,28(4): - 1.066
2019-APR GONG WB; YAO XZ; LIANG QH; TONG YF; PERRETT S; FENG YG; Resonance assignments for the tandem PWWP-ARID domains of human RBBP1 BIOMOLECULAR NMR ASSIGNMENTS 2019,13(1):177-181 0.467
2019-MAR 15 LI XH; LI ZM; ZHAO MH; NIE YX; LIU PS; ZHU YL; ZHANG XL; Skeletal Muscle Lipid Droplets and the Athlete's Paradox CELLS 2019,8(3): - 0
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