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New Publications of IBP (May. 2020)

Updated: 2020-06-22

Publication Date Author Title Journal IF
2020-MAY 15 GAO Y; YAN LM; HUANG YC; LIU FJ; ZHAO Y; CAO L; WANG T; SUN QQ; MING ZH; ZHANG LQ; GE J; ZHENG LT; ZHANG Y; WANG HF; ZHU Y; ZHU C; HU TY; HUA T; ZHANG B; YANG XN; LI J; YANG HT; LIU ZJ; XU WQ; GUDDAT LW; WANG Q; LOU ZY; RAO ZH; Structure of the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase from COVID-19 virus SCIENCE 2020,368(6492):779-+ 43.644
2020-MAY 29 ZHOU ZW; HE HB; WANG K; SHI XY; WANG YP; SU Y; WANG Y; LI D; LIU W; ZHANG YL; SHEN LJ; HAN WD; SHEN L; DING JJ; SHAO F; Granzyme A from cytotoxic lymphocytes cleaves GSDMB to trigger pyroptosis in target cells SCIENCE 2020,368(6494):965-+ 43.644
2020-JUN 2020 GAO YN; CAO DF; ZHU JP; FENG H; LUO X; LIU SQ; YAN XX; ZHANG XZ; GAO P; Structural insights into assembly, operation and inhibition of a type I restriction-modification system NATURE MICROBIOLOGY 2020, ( ): - 14.306
2020-MAY 18 YU JJ; LI T; LIU Y; WANG X; ZHANG JC; WANG XE; SHI GZ; LOU JZ; WANG LK; WANG CC; VVANG L; Phosphorylation switches protein disulfide isomerase activity to maintain proteostasis and attenuate ER stress EMBO JOURNAL 2020,39(10): - 10.568
2020-MAY 2020 YE BQ; YANG LL; QIAN GM; LIU BY; ZHU XX; ZHU PP; MA J; XIE W; LI HM; LU TK; WANG YY; WANG S; DU Y; WANG ZM; JIANG J; LI JS; FAN DD; MENG S; WU JY; TIAN Y; FAN ZS; The chromatin remodeler SRCAP promotes self-renewal of intestinal stem cells EMBO JOURNAL 2020, ( ): - 10.568
2020-MAY 18 LU YF; SHIAU F; YI WY; LU SY; WU Q; PEARSON JD; KALLMAN A; ZHONG SJ; HOANG T; ZUO ZT; ZHAO FQ; ZHANG M; TSAI N; ZHUO Y; HE S; ZHANG J; STEIN-O'BRIEN GL; SHERMAN TD; DUAN X; FERTIG EJ; GOFF LA; ZACK DJ; HANDA JT; XUE T; BREMNER R; BLACKSHAW S; WANG XQ; CLARK BS; Single-Cell Analysis of Human Retina Identifies Evolutionarily Conserved and Species-Specific Mechanisms Controlling Development DEVELOPMENTAL CELL 2020,53(4):473-+ 9.878
2020-MAY SHI YC; SUN L; WANG MD; LIU JW; ZHONG SJ; LI R; LI P; GUO LJ; FANG A; CHEN RG; GE WOP; WU Q; WANG XQ; Vascularized human cortical organoids (vOrganoids) model cortical development in vivo PLOS BIOLOGY 2020,18(5): - 9.311
2020-APR 1 LIU JF; AN ZY; LUO JJ; LI J; LI FF; ZHANG ZH; Episo: quantitative estimation of RNA 5-methylcytosine at isoform level by high-throughput sequencing of RNA treated with bisulfite BIOINFORMATICS 2020,36(7):2033-2039 8.86
2020-MAY 6 WANG HH; CHENG L; MA S; DING LM; ZHANG W; XU ZB; LI DD; GAO LZ; Self-Assembled Multiple-Enzyme Composites for Enhanced Synergistic Cancer Starving-Catalytic Therapy ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2020,12(18):20191-20201 8.694
2020-MAY 27 XU X; SHI HG; GONG XW; CHEN P; GAO Y; ZHANG XZ; XIANG S; Structural insights into sodium transport by the oxaloacetate decarboxylase sodium pump ELIFE 2020,9( ): - 8.523
2020-JUN 2 SUN YN; LI MJ; ZHAO DF; LI X; YANG CL; WANG XC; Lysosome activity is modulated by multiple longevity pathways and is important for lifespan extension in C. elegans ELIFE 2020,9( ): - 8.523
2020-JUN SUN CY; WU Y; LING C; XIE ZY; KONG QL; FANG XJ; AN J; SUN YC; ZHANG W; YANG Q; WANG ZX; ZHANG ZH; YUAN Y; Deep Gray Matter Iron Deposition and Its Relationship to Clinical Features in Cerebral Autosomal Dominant Arteriopathy With Subcortical Infarcts and Leukoencephalopathy Patients A 7.0-T Magnetic ... STROKE 2020,51(6):1750-1757 6.572
2020-AUG BILAL M; RASHEED T; MEHMOOD S; TANG HZ; FERREIRA LFR; BHARAGAVA RN; IQBAL HMN; Mitigation of environmentally-related hazardous pollutants from water matrices using nanostructured materials - A review CHEMOSPHERE 2020,253( ): - 5.089
2020-APR NIU LL; WU FY; LI KL; LI J; ZHANG SYL; HU JJ; WANG Q; STIM1 interacts with termini of Orai channels in a sequential manner JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE 2020,133(8): - 4.831
2020-JUN SUN L; RASMUSSEN PK; BAI YL; CHEN XL; CAI TX; WANG JF; GUO XJ; XIE ZS; DING X; NIU LL; ZHU NL; YOU XF; KIRPEKAR F; YANG FQ; Proteomic Changes of Klebsiella pneumoniae in Response to Colistin Treatment and crrB Mutation-Mediated Colistin Resistance ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS AND CHEMOTHERAPY 2020,64(6): - 4.719
2020-MAY LUO Q; YANG GJ; GAO HN; WANG YP; LUO CW; MA XT; GAO Y; LI XD; ZHAO HY; JIA B; SHI J; WANG F; An Integrin Alpha 6-Targeted Radiotracer with Improved Receptor Binding Affinity and Tumor Uptake BIOCONJUGATE CHEMISTRY 2020,31(5):1510-1521 4.561
2020-MAY 2020 DU CC; DUAN XX; YAO XH; WAN JJ; CHENG YR; WANG Y; YAN Y; ZHANG LJ; ZHU LY; NI C; WANG M; QIN ZH; Tumour-derived exosomal miR-3473b promotes lung tumour cell intrapulmonary colonization by activating the nuclear factor-kappa B of local fibroblasts JOURNAL OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE 2020, ( ): - 4.408
2020-MAY 15 GUO L; ZHU ZM; WANG GY; CUI S; SHEN M; SONG ZH; WANG JH; microRNA-15b contributes to depression-like behavior in mice by affecting synaptic protein levels and function in the nucleus accumbens JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2020,295(20):6831-6848 4.279
2020-MAY 12 FAN Z; HU PD; XIANG LK; LIU Y; HE RQ; LU T; A Static Magnetic Field Inhibits the Migration and Telomerase Function of Mouse Breast Cancer Cells BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL 2020,2020( ): - 2.885
2020-APR ZHOU LQ; DING JH; ZHOU K; Categorical similarity modulates temporal integration in the attentional blink JOURNAL OF VISION 2020,20(4): - 2.533
2020-APR SHEN JB; HU ZD; SHARMA RP; WANG GM; MENG X; WANG MX; WANG QL; FU LY; Modeling Height-Diameter Relationship for Poplar Plantations Using Combined-Optimization Multiple Hidden Layer Back Propagation Neural Network FORESTS 2020,11(4): - 2.453
2020-JUN 2020 NING WH; QIU ZQ; JI XW; WANG X; AN YH; WANG SD; ZHANG HW; The Prognostic Value of EMT in Glioma and its Role in the Glioma Immune Microenvironment JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE 2020, ( ): - 2.294
2020-MAY 2020 BILAL M; MEHNNOOD S; RAZA A; HAYAT U; RASHEED T; IQBAL HMN; Microneedles in Smart Drug Delivery ADVANCES IN WOUND CARE 2020, ( ): - 0
2019-DEC ZHANG LL; ZHANG H; HUANG YF; ZHANG J; CHEN X; CHEN YY; MIAO GJ; LIU LY; YU DL; QIU XB; CUI DF; Detection of Kappa Light Chain Protein in Human Urine by Surface Plasmon Resonance NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY LETTERS 2019,11(12):1666-1670 0
2019-DEC LIU SX; YANG ZY; LI GH; LI CY; LUO YT; GONG Q; WU X; LI T; ZHANG ZQ; XING BC; XU XL; LU XM; Multi-omics Analysis of Primary Cell Culture Models Reveals Genetic and Epigenetic Basis of Intratumoral Phenotypic Diversity GENOMICS PROTEOMICS & BIOINFORMATICS 2019,17(6):576-589 0
2020-APR 24 JI XX; YUAN DL; WEI HY; CHENG YX; WANG XW; YANG JH; HU PB; GESTRICH JY; LIU L; ZHU Y; Differentiation of Theta Visual Motion from Fourier Motion Requires LC16 and R18C12 Neurons in Drosophila ISCIENCE 2020,23(4): - 0

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