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New Publications of IBP (Oct. 2020)

Updated: 2020-11-02

Publication Date Author Title Journal IF
2020-OCT 2020 CAO DF; HAN XA; FAN XY; XU RM; ZHANG XZ; Structural basis for nucleosome-mediated inhibition of cGAS activity CELL RESEARCH 2020, ( ): - 20.396
2020-SEP 30 RAO L; WU L; LIU ZD; TIAN R; YU GC; ZHOU ZJ; YANG KK; XIONG HG; ZHANG AL; YU GT; SUN WJ; XU H; GUO JY; LI A; CHEN HM; SUN ZJ; FU YX; CHEN XY; Hybrid cellular membrane nanovesicles amplify macrophage immune responses against cancer recurrence and metastasis NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2020,11(1): - 13.61
2020-SEP 18 HUANG Q; DUAN B; DONG XZ; FAN SL; XIA B; GapR binds DNA through dynamic opening of its tetrameric interface NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2020,48(16):9372-9386 11.797
2020-OCT 2020 XU CC; ZHU WW; MAO HJ; ZHANG WJ; YIN GQ; ZHANG XE; LI F; Switch from Polymorphic to Homogenous Self-Assembly of Virus-Like Particles of Simian Virus 40 through Double-Cysteine Substitution SMALL 2020, ( ): - 10.611
2020-OCT 2020 WANG S; ZHENG YX; LI QQ; HE XJ; REN RT; ZHANG WQ; SONG MS; HU HF; LIU FF; SUN GQ; SUN SH; LIU ZP; YU Y; CHAN P; ZHAO GG; ZHOU Q; LIU GH; TANG FC; QU J; Deciphering primate retinal aging at single-cell resolution PROTEIN & CELL 2020, ( ): - 7.978
2020-MAY-JUN ZHANG ZF; ZHAN ZY; WANG B; CHEN YY; CHEN XQ; WAN CH; FU Y; HUANG L; Archaeal Chromatin Proteins Cren7 and Sul7d Compact DNA by Bending and Bridging MBIO 2020,11(3): - 7.349
2020-MAY 1 GAO Y; LUO Q; LUO CW; MA XT; SHI JY; WANG F; Tc-99m-labeled Mutant Interleukin-2 as a Promising SPECT Probe for in vivo Imaging of Tumor-Infiltrating T Cells JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 2020,61( ): - 6.782
2020-MAY 1 WANG RX; ZHOU YD; DU SF; SHI JY; ZHU ZH; WANG F; Tc-99m-HPArk2 SPECT/CT in the evaluation of HER2-positive breast cancer: a pilot prospective study JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 2020,61( ): - 6.782
2020-MAY 1 LIU JJ; BI X; GUAN ZW; AN J; DONG W; The effect of gadolinium enhancement on cardiac PET / MR imaging based on MR-Dixon attenuation correction sequence JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE 2020,61( ): - 6.782
2020-SEP CHEN LX; GAO XK; LI RT; ZHANG LM; HUANG R; WANG LQ; SONG Y; XING ZZ; LIU T; NIE XN; NIE FY; HUA S; ZHANG ZH; WANG F; MA RLZ; ZHANG L; Complete genome of a unicellular parasite (Antonospora locustae) and transcriptional interactions with its host locust MICROBIAL GENOMICS 2020,6(9): - 5.472
2020-OCT WANG C; YAN HM; HUANG W; LI JY; YANG JL; LI R; ZHANG LY; LI L; ZHANG J; ZUO ZT; CHEN HF; 'When' and 'what' did you see? A novel fMRI-based visual decoding framework JOURNAL OF NEURAL ENGINEERING 2020,17(5): - 4.473
2020-SEP 30 ZHANG X; GAN M; LI JY; LI H; SU MC; TAN DF; WANG SL; JIA M; ZHANG LG; CHEN G; Endogenous Indole Pyruvate Pathway for Tryptophan Metabolism Mediated by IL4I1 JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY 2020,68(39):10678-10684 4.289
2020-OCT 1 LI HJ; XU F; GAO S; ZHANG MS; XUE FD; XU PY; ZHANG F; Live-SIMBA: an ImageJ plug-in for the universal and accelerated single molecule-guided Bayesian localization super resolution microscopy (SIMBA) method BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS 2020,11(10):5842-5859 3.783
2020- ZHU Y; ZHU RJ; LIU K; LI X; CHEN DZ; BAI DY; LUO JL; LIU YX; ZHANG Y; LI L; HU JF; XU DY; LIU Y; ZHAO RC; Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Adjuvant Treatment of a Critically III COVID-19 Patient: A Case Report INFECTION AND DRUG RESISTANCE 2020,13( ):3295-3300 3.527
2020-OCT 2020 WANG CY; CAO C; WANG N; WANG XX; WANG XP; ZHANG XJC; Cryo-electron microscopy structure of humanABCB6transporter PROTEIN SCIENCE 2020, ( ): - 3.23
2020-SEP 22 HAN L; MEI J; MA J; WANG FZ; GU ZY; LI JR; ZHANG ZW; ZENG YQ; LOU XH; YAO XH; TAO N; QIN ZH; Cinnamaldehyde induces endogenous apoptosis of the prostate cancer-associated fibroblasts via interfering the Glutathione-associated mitochondria function MEDICAL ONCOLOGY 2020,37(10): - 2.64
2020-OCT HUANG XJ; ZHANG L; WEN ZL; CHEN H; LI SG; JI G; YIN CC; SUN F; Amorphous nickel titanium alloy film: A new choice for cryo electron microscopy sample preparation PROGRESS IN BIOPHYSICS & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2020,156( ):3-13 2.58
2020-NOV LIN TY; QU JX; ZUO ZT; FAN XY; YOU H; FENG F; Test-retest reliability and reproducibility of long-label pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING 2020,73( ):111-117 2.368

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