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New Publications of IBP (Dec. 2020)

Updated: 2021-01-07

Publication Date Author Title Journal IF
2020-DEC 2020 WANG N; SUN Y; FENG R; WANG YX; GUO Y; ZHANG L; DENG YQ; WANG L; CUI Z; CAO L; ZHANG YJ; LI WM; ZHU FC; QIN CF; WANG XX; Structure-based development of human antibody cocktails against SARS-CoV-2 CELL RESEARCH 2020, ( ): - 20.396
2020-DEC 2020 YAO HP; SUN Y; DENG YQ; WANG N; TAN YC; ZHANG NN; LI XF; KONG C; XU YP; CHEN Q; CAO TS; ZHAO H; YAN XT; CAO L; LV Z; ZHU DD; FENG R; WU NP; ZHANG WH; HU YH; CHEN KD; ZHANG RR; LV QY; SUN SH; ZHOU YH; YAN R; YANG G; SUN XL; LIU CJ; LU XY; CHENG LF; QIU HY; HUANG XY; WENG TH; SHI DR; JIANG WD; SHAO JB; WANG L; ZHANG J; JIANG T; LANG GJ; QIN CF; LI LJ; WANG XX; Rational development of a human antibody cocktail that deploys multiple functions to confer Pan-SARS-CoVs protection CELL RESEARCH 2020, ( ): - 20.396
2020-DEC 2020 XI JQ; ZHANG RF; WANG LM; XU W; LIANG Q; LI JY; JIANG J; YANG YL; YAN XY; FAN KL; GAO LZ; A Nanozyme-Based Artificial Peroxisome Ameliorates Hyperuricemia and Ischemic Stroke ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS 2020, ( ): - 15.722
2020-NOV YU K; TIAN HB; DENG HY; PPM1G restricts innate immune signaling mediated by STING and MAVS and is hijacked by KSHV for immune evasion SCIENCE ADVANCES 2020,6(47): - 14.094
2020-NOV HAO YJ; WANG DP; WU SH; LI X; SHAO CW; ZHANG P; CHEN JY; LIM OW; FU XD; CHEN RS; HE SM; Active retrotransposons help maintain pericentromeric heterochromatin required for faithful cell division GENOME RESEARCH 2020,30(11):1570-1582 12.01
2020-DEC 16 ROSENBERGER G; HEUSEL M; BLUDAU I; COLLINS B; MARTELLI C; WILLIAMS EG; XUE P; LIU YS; AEBERSOLD R; CALIFANO A; SECAT: Quantifying Protein Complex Dynamics across Cell States by Network-Centric Analysis of SEC-SWATH-MS Profiles CELL SYSTEMS 2020,11(6):589-+ 11.453
2020-OCT 2020 ZHOU M; DAI LC; LI CM; SHI LX; HUANG Y; GUO ZQ; WU F; ZHU P; ZHOU Z; Structural basis of nucleosome dynamics modulation by histone variants H2A.B and H2AZ2.2 EMBO JOURNAL 2020, ( ): - 10.373
2020-NOV 10 QIN Q; ZHAO T; ZOU W; SHEN K; WANG XM; An Endoplasmic Reticulum ATPase Safeguards Endoplasmic Reticulum Identity by Removing Ectopically Localized Mitochondrial Proteins CELL REPORTS 2020,33(6): - 8.816
2020-NOV 6 ZHAO ZD; ZHANG ZQ; LI JJ; DONG Q; XIONG J; LI YF; LAN MY; LI G; ZHU B; Sustained TNF-alpha stimulation leads to transcriptional memory that greatly enhances signal sensitivity and robustness ELIFE 2020,9( ): - 8.175
2020-DEC FAN H; ZHANG YJ; ZHANG J; YAO QY; SONG YF; SHEN QW; LIN J; GAO YX; WANG XY; ZHANG L; ZHANG YL; LIU PS; ZHAO JJ; CUI QH; LI JZ; CHANG YS; Cold-Inducible Klf9 Regulates Thermogenesis of Brown and Beige Fat DIABETES 2020,69(12):2603-2618 8.147
2020-NOV 2020 DUAN HX; ZHAO S; XIANG JQ; JU CH; CHEN XH; GRAMAGLIA I; YAN XY; Targeting the CD146/Galectin-9 axis protects the integrity of the blood-brain barrier in experimental cerebral malaria CELLULAR & MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY 2020, ( ): - 7.365
2020-NOV 27 ZHANG B; ZHAO LL; NING J; WICKHAM JD; TIAN HK; ZHANG XM; YANG ML; WANG XM; SUN JH; miR-31-5p regulates cold acclimation of the wood-boring beetle Monochamus alternatus via ascaroside signaling BMC BIOLOGY 2020,18(1): - 7.296
2020-DEC 2020 MENG J; LV ZY; ZHANG YM; WANG YY; QIAO XH; SUN CX; CHEN YZ; GUO MM; HAN WS; YE AJ; XIE T; CHU BY; SHI C; YANG SP; CHEN C; Precision Redox: The Key for Antioxidant Pharmacology ANTIOXIDANTS & REDOX SIGNALING 2020, ( ): - 7.29
2020-NOV 24 WANG S; XIE Y; HUO YW; LI Y; ABEL PW; JIANG HH; ZOU XH; JIAO HZ; KUANG XL; WOLFF DW; HUANG YG; CASALE TB; PANETTIERI RA; WEI TT; CAO ZY; TU YP; Airway relaxation mechanisms and structural basis of osthole for improving lung function in asthma SCIENCE SIGNALING 2020,13(659): - 6.944
2020-NOV 12 LIU W; LIU Q; ZHANG BL; LIN ZB; LI X; YANG XS; PU M; ZOU RZ; HE ZY; WANG F; DOU KF; The mRNA of TCTP functions as a sponge to maintain homeostasis of TCTP protein levels in hepatocellular carcinoma CELL DEATH & DISEASE 2020,11(11): - 6.486
2020-DEC 15 ZHANG Z; LI W; YANG G; LU XF; QI X; WANG ST; CAO C; ZHANG P; REN JQ; ZHAO JX; ZHANG JY; HONG S; TAN Y; BURCHFIELD J; YU Y; XU T; YAO XB; JAMES D; FENG W; CHEN ZJ; CASK modulates the assembly and function of the Mint1/Munc18-1 complex to regulate insulin secretion CELL DISCOVERY 2020,6(1): - 5.624
2020-NOV 21 XI JQ; AN LF; WEI G; HUANG YL; LI DD; FAN L; GAO LZ; Photolysis of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus using Cu-doped carbon spheres BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE 2020,8(22):6225-6234 5.468
2020-NOV O'NEILL LM; GUO CA; DING F; PHANG YX; LIU ZJ; SHAMSUZZAMAN S; NTAMBI JM; Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase-2 in Murine Development, Metabolism, and Disease INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES 2020,21(22): - 4.653
2020-JUL DU CC; DUAN XX; YAO XH; WAN JJ; CHENG YR; WANG Y; YAN Y; ZHANG LJ; ZHU LY; NI C; WANG M; QIN ZH; Tumour-derived exosomal miR-3473b promotes lung tumour cell intrapulmonary colonization by activating the nuclear factor-kappa B of local fibroblasts JOURNAL OF CELLULAR AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE 2020,24(14):7802-7813 4.428
2020-OCT MA P; QIN Y; CAO H; ERBEN U; NI C; QIN ZH; Temporary blockade of interferon-gamma ameliorates doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity without influencing the anti-tumor effect BIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY 2020,130( ): - 4.392
2020-NOV 2020 HUANG W; YAN HM; WANG C; YANG XQ; LI JY; ZUO ZT; ZHANG J; CHEN HF; Deep Natural Image Reconstruction from Human Brain Activity Based on Conditional Progressively Growing Generative Adversarial Networks NEUROSCIENCE BULLETIN 2020, ( ): - 3.808
2020-NOV 24 WANG XH; LIU DB; WEI FZ; LI Y; WANG XF; LI LJ; WANG G; ZHANG SL; ZHANG L; Stress-Sensitive Protein Rac1 and Its Involvement in Neurodevelopmental Disorders NEURAL PLASTICITY 2020,2020( ): - 3.607
2020-SEP 15 TAO J; ZHU Y; ZHAO SN; CHEN PH; ZHANG SL; SUN JY; SHEN XF; A novel approach with glass needle enclosed movable probe for in vivo real-time detection of glucose in cisternal cerebrospinal fluid JOURNAL OF ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 2020,873( ): - 3.519
2020-DEC 2020 ZHANG YW; DOU WC; ZUO ZT; YOU H; LV YL; HOU B; SHI L; FENG F; Brain volume and perfusion asymmetry in temporal lobe epilepsy with and without hippocampal sclerosis NEUROLOGICAL RESEARCH 2020, ( ): - 1.894
2020-JUL YANG LM; CUI RL; LI YG; LIANG K; NI M; GU YJ; Hypoxia-Induced TGFBI as a Serum Biomarker for Laboratory Diagnosis and Prognosis in Patients with Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma LABORATORY MEDICINE 2020,51(4):352-361 1.373
2020-NOV WANG X; QIU ZQ; JI XW; NING WH; AN YH; WANG SD; ZHANG HW; A novel workflow for cancer blood biomarker identification ANNALS OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2020,8(21): - 0
2020-NOV SHI YJ; ZHAO Y; LI Y; YI J; MA Y; CHEN YD; High concentrations of H7 human embryonic stem cells at the point of care for acute myocardial infarction ANNALS OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2020,8(22): - 0
2020- GAO HN; WU Y; SHI JY; ZHANG X; LIU TY; HU B; JIA B; WAN YK; LIU ZF; WANG F; Nuclear imaging-guided PD-L1 blockade therapy increases effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy JOURNAL FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY OF CANCER 2020,8(2): - 0

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