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New Publications of IBP (Aug. 2021)

Updated: 2021-09-02

Publication Date Author Title Journal IF
2021-JUL 2021 ZHAO YG; CODOGNO P; ZHANG H; Machinery, regulation and pathophysiological implications of autophagosome maturation NATURE REVIEWS MOLECULAR CELL BIOLOGY 2021, ( ): - 53.949
2021-AUG 2021 LIU QQ; TIAN JW; LIU JJ; ZHU MS; GAO ZX; HU XY; MIDGLEY AC; WU J; WANG XY; KONG DL; ZHUANG J; LIU JF; YAN XY; HUANG XL; Modular Assembly of Tumor-Penetrating and Oligomeric Nanozyme Based on Intrinsically Self-Assembling Protein Nanocages ADVANCED MATERIALS 2021, ( ): - 26.444
2021-AUG GAO J; ZENG L; YAO LL; WANG ZN; YANG XX; SHI JB; HU LG; LIU Q; CHEN CY; XIA T; QU GB; ZHANG XE; JIANG GB; Inherited and acquired corona of coronavirus in the host: Inspiration from the biomolecular corona of nanoparticles NANO TODAY 2021,39( ): - 20.603
2021-AUG 2021 GUO JY; LIANG Y; XUE DY; SHEN J; CAI YQ; ZHU JK; FU YX; PENG H; Tumor-conditional IL-15 pro-cytokine reactivates anti-tumor immunity with limited toxicity CELL RESEARCH 2021, ( ): - 20.396
2021-AUG 17 SHI ML; YOU KQ; CHEN TY; HOU C; LIANG ZY; LIU MW; WANG JF; WEI TT; QIN J; CHEN Y; ZHANG MQ; LI TT; Quantifying the phase separation property of chromatin-associated proteins under physiological conditions using an anti-1,6-hexanediol index GENOME BIOLOGY 2021,22(1): - 19.041
2021-AUG 19 DU ZH; WEN X; WANG YC; JIA L; ZHANG SL; LIU YD; ZHOU L; LI H; YANG W; WANG C; CHEN JC; HAO YJ; CHEN HL; LI D; CHEN NF; CELIK I; ZHU YB; YAN Z; FU CH; LIU SS; JIAO BZ; WANG Z; ZHANG H; GULSOY G; LUO JJ; QIN BM; GAO SJ; KAPRANOV P; ESTEBAN MA; ZHANG SL; LI W; AY F; CHEN RS; HOFFMAN AR; CUI JW; HU JF; Chromatin lncRNA Platr10 controls stem cell pluripotency by coordinating an intrachromosomal regulatory network GENOME BIOLOGY 2021,22(1): - 19.041
2021-AUG 23 SUN M; WANG YF; ZHENG CS; WEI YN; HOU JK; ZHANG P; HE W; LV XD; DING Y; LIANG H; HON CC; CHEN X; XU H; CHEN YW; Systematic functional interrogation of human pseudogenes using CRISPRi GENOME BIOLOGY 2021,22(1): - 19.041
2021-AUG 4 ZHANG AL; REN ZH; TSENG KF; LIU XJ; LI HY; LU CZ; CAI YQ; MINNA JD; FU YX; Dual targeting of CTLA-4 and CD47 on T-reg cells promotes immunity against solid tumors SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2021,13(605): - 18.559
2021-JUL 1 DAI LC; DAI YX; HAN JH; HUANG Y; WANG LG; HUANG J; ZHOU Z; Structural insight into BRCA1-BARD1 complex recruitment to damaged chromatin MOLECULAR CELL 2021,81(13):2765-+ 16.133
2021-AUG CAI XY; LIU L; QIU CH; WEN CZ; HE Y; CUI YX; LI SY; ZHANG X; ZHANG LH; TIAN CL; BI LJ; ZHOU ZH; GONG WM; Identification and architecture of a putative secretion tube across mycobacterial outer envelope SCIENCE ADVANCES 2021,7(34): - 14.094
2021-APR QI ZH; WANG F; YU GT; WANG D; YAO YP; YOU MH; LIU JJ; LIU JJ; SUN Z; JI C; XUE YC; YU SY; SRSF1 serves as a critical posttranscriptional regulator at the late stage of thymocyte development SCIENCE ADVANCES 2021,7(16): - 14.094
2021-JUL 20 HUANG MZ; LI DP; CHENG XY; PEI Q; XIE ZY; GU HT; ZHANG XR; CHEN ZJ; LIU AX; WANG Y; SUN FM; LI YL; ZHANG JY; HE M; XIE Y; ZHANG F; QI XB; SHANG CP; CAO P; The tectonigral pathway regulates appetitive locomotion in predatory hunting in mice NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2021,12(1): - 13.61
2021-JUL 16 HE JL; SHANGGUAN X; ZHOU W; CAO Y; ZHENG Q; TU J; HU GL; LIANG Z; JIANG C; DENG LF; WANG SD; YANG W; ZUO Y; MA J; CAI R; CHEN YL; FAN QJ; DONG BJ; XUE W; TAN HS; QI YT; GU JM; SU B; CHIN YE; CHEN GQ; WANG Q; WANG TS; CHENG JK; Glucose limitation activates AMPK coupled SENP1-Sirt3 signalling in mitochondria for T cell memory development NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2021,12(1): - 13.61
2021-AUG 19 CHEN XN; YUAN J; XUE G; CAMPANARIO S; WANG D; WANG W; MOU X; LIEW SW; UMAR MI; ISERN J; ZHAO Y; HE LQ; LI YY; MANN CJ; YU XH; WANG L; PERDIGUERO E; CHEN W; XUE YC; NAGAMINE Y; KWOK CK; SUN H; MUNOZ-CANOVES P; WANG HT; Translational control by DHX36 binding to 5 ' UTR G-quadruplex is essential for muscle stem-cell regenerative functions NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2021,12(1): - 13.61
2021-JUL 30 WANG WW; GAO Y; TANG YT; ZHOU XT; LAI YZ; ZHOU S; ZHANG YY; YANG XN; LIU FJ; GUDDAT LW; WANG Q; RAO ZH; GONG HR; Cryo-EM structure of mycobacterial cytochrome bd reveals two oxygen access channels NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2021,12(1): - 13.61
2021-JUL 29 XIA S; LAN QS; ZHU Y; WANG C; XU W; LI YT; WANG LJ; JIAO FK; ZHOU J; HUA C; WANG Q; CAI X; WU Y; GAO J; LIU H; SUN G; MUNCH J; KIRCHHOFF F; YUAN ZH; XIE YH; SUN F; JIANG SB; LU L; Structural and functional basis for pan-CoV fusion inhibitors against SARS-CoV-2 and its variants with preclinical evaluation SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION AND TARGETED THERAPY 2021,6(1): - 13.195
2021-JUL 21 XU X; WANG MZ; SUN JX; YU ZY; LI GH; YANG N; XU RM; Structure specific DNA recognition by the SLX1-SLX4 endonuclease complex NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2021,49(13):7740-7752 11.797
2021-AUG 10 CHEN XX; ZHANG JC; LIU PL; WEI YY; WANG X; XIAO JY; WANG CC; WANG L; Proteolytic processing of secretory pathway kinase Fam20C by site-1 protease promotes biomineralization PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2021,118(32): - 10.62
2021-AUG 17 CHEN FL; LIU BB; GUO L; GE X; FENG W; LI DF; ZHOU H; LONG JF; Biochemical insights into Paf1 complex-induced stimulation of Radio/Bre1-mediated H2B monoubiquitination PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2021,118(33): - 10.62
2021-JUL 2021 ZHANG WJ; JIA QY; TENG YB; YANG MS; ZHANG H; ZHANG XE; WANG PF; GE JC; CAO S; LI F; An Ultrastable Virus-Like Particle with a Carbon Dot Core and Expanded Sequence Plasticity SMALL 2021, ( ): - 10.611
2021-APR 26 JI CC; ZHAO HY; CHEN D; ZHANG H; ZHAO YG; (3-propeller proteins WDR45 and WDR45B regulate autophagosome maturation into autolysosomes in neural cells CURRENT BIOLOGY 2021,31(8):1666-+ 10.174
2021-AUG SUN S; TANG X; GUO YS; HU JJ; Endoplasmic reticulum composition and form: Proteins in and out CURRENT OPINION IN CELL BIOLOGY 2021,71( ):1-6 9.066
2021-AUG 2021 LIU T; MA XJ; YU JH; YANG WS; WANG GY; WANG ZD; GE YJ; SONG J; HAN H; ZHANG W; YANG DH; LIU XH; MA M; Rational generation of lasso peptides based on biosynthetic gene mutations and site-selective chemical modifications CHEMICAL SCIENCE 2021, ( ): - 8.945
2021-JUL 27 CHEN ZZ; WU JY; LIU BY; ZHANG GT; WANG ZW; ZHANG LL; WANG KL; FAN ZS; ZHU PP; Identification of cis-HOX-HOXC10 axis as a therapeutic target for colorectal tumor-initiating cells without APC mutations CELL REPORTS 2021,36(4): - 8.816
2021-JUL 28 XIE ZY; WANG MD; LIU ZY; SHANG CP; ZHANG CJ; SUN L; GU HT; RAN GX; PEI Q; MA Q; HUANG MZ; ZHANG JJ; LIN R; ZHOU YT; ZHANG JY; ZHAO M; LUO MM; WU Q; CAO P; WANG XQ; Transcriptomic encoding of sensorimotor transformation in the midbrain ELIFE 2021,10( ): - 8.175
2021-AUG 2021 DING H; WANG DJ; HUANG HB; CHEN XZ; WANG J; SUN JJ; ZHANG JL; LU L; MIAO BP; CAI YJ; FAN KL; LU YT; DONG HS; YAN XY; NIE GH; LIANG MM; Black phosphorus quantum dots as multifunctional nanozymes for tumor photothermal/catalytic synergistic therapy NANO RESEARCH 2021, ( ): - 8.164
2021-AUG 2021 LEI JH; JIANG XY; LI W; REN J; WANG DT; JI ZJ; WU ZM; CHENG F; CAI YS; YU ZR; BELMONTE JCI; LI CY; LIU GH; ZHANG WQ; QU J; WANG S; Exosomes from antler stem cells alleviate mesenchymal stem cell senescence and osteoarthritis PROTEIN & CELL 2021, ( ): - 7.978
2021-JAN 1 ZHANG JK; HU ZY; HE JF; LIAO YY; LI Y; PEI RJ; FANG X; ZENG PY; FAN RF; OU ZQ; DENG JL; ZHOU J; GUAN WX; MIN YQ; DENG F; PENG H; ZHANG Z; FENG CY; XIN BB; Safety and immunogenicity of a recombinant interferon-armed RBD dimer vaccine (V-01) for COVID-19 in healthy adults: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, Phase I trial EMERGING MICROBES & INFECTIONS 2021,10(1):1589-1597 6.197
2021-JUL 30 ZHANG L; CHENG YY; WU SH; LU YF; XUE ZY; CHEN X; CHEN D; ZHANG B; QIU ZL; JIANG H; Molecular taxonomy of the primate amygdala via single-nucleus RNA sequencing analysis SCIENCE BULLETIN 2021,66(14):1379-1383 6.079
2021- ZHANG Q; WU EZ; TANG YH; CAI TX; ZHANG LL; WANG JF; HAO YJ; ZHANG B; ZHOU Y; GUO XJ; LUO JJ; CHEN RS; YANG FQ; Deeply Mining a Universe of Peptides Encoded by Long Noncoding RNAs MOLECULAR & CELLULAR PROTEOMICS 2021,20( ): - 5.865
2021-JUL 28 ZHOU XL; ZHOU YN; ALI A; LIANG CQ; YE ZQ; CHEN XM; ZHANG Q; DENG LH; SUN XY; ZHANG Q; LUO JH; LI W; ZHOU K; CAO SS; ZHANG XW; LI XD; ZHANG XE; CUI ZQ; MEN D; Case Report: A Re-Positive Case of SARS-CoV-2 Associated With Glaucoma FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2021,12( ): - 5.733
2021-AUG 17 MA ML; SHI DW; LI Y; HONG W; LAI DY; XUE JB; JIANG HW; ZHANG HN; QI H; MENG QF; GUO SJ; XIA DJ; HU JJ; LIU S; LI HY; ZHOU J; WANG W; YANG X; FAN XL; LEI Q; CHEN WJ; LI CS; YANG XM; XU SH; WEI HP; TAO SC; Systematic profiling of SARS-CoV-2-specific IgG responses elicited by an inactivated virus vaccine identifies peptides and proteins for predicting vaccination efficacy CELL DISCOVERY 2021,7(1): - 5.624
2021-OCT MIRZA AH; CUI LJ; ZHANG SY; LIU PS; Comparative proteomics reveals that lipid droplet-anchored mitochondria are more sensitive to cold in brown adipocytes BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-MOLECULAR AND CELL BIOLOGY OF LIPIDS 2021,1866(10): - 5.227
2021-AUG 31 TONG YR; HU TY; TU LC; CHEN K; LIU TZ; SU P; SONG YD; LIU Y; HUANG LQ; GAO W; Functional characterization and substrate promiscuity of sesquiterpene synthases from Tripterygium wilfordii INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES 2021,185( ):949-958 5.137
2021-JUL 2021 HUANG W; YAN HM; CHENG KW; WANG YT; WANG C; LI JY; LI C; LI CR; ZUO ZT; CHEN HF; A dual-channel language decoding from brain activity with progressive transfer training HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING 2021, ( ): - 4.938
2021-JUL 28 SHI HM; LI T; XU JT; YU JF; YANG SS; ZHANG XE; TAO SC; GU J; DENG JY; MgrB Inactivation Confers Trimethoprim Resistance in Escherichia coli FRONTIERS IN MICROBIOLOGY 2021,12( ): - 4.926
2021-DEC LI HX; LI AX; SHEN W; YE NH; WANG GQ; ZHANG JH; Global Survey of Alternative Splicing in Rice by Direct RNA Sequencing During Reproductive Development: Landscape and Genetic Regulation RICE 2021,14(1): - 4.785
2021-AUG 2021 WANG F; YANG L; GAO Q; HUANG L; WANG LP; WANG J; WANG SD; ZHANG B; ZHANG Y; CD163+CD14+ macrophages, a potential immune biomarker for malignant pleural effusion (vol 64, pg 965, 2015) CANCER IMMUNOLOGY IMMUNOTHERAPY 2021, ( ): - 4.781
2021-MAR 20 XIAO JH; WEI XQ; ZHOU Y; XIN ZZ; MIAO YH; HOU HX; LI JX; ZHAO D; LIU J; CHEN R; NIU LM; MA GC; ZHEN WQ; HE SM; WANG JX; WEI XF; DOU WH; SUI ZX; ZHANG HK; XING SL; SHI M; HUANG DW; Genomes of 12 fig wasps provide insights into the adaptation of pollinators to fig syconia JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND GENOMICS 2021,48(3):225-236 4.732
2021-JUL 23 WANG M; YAN Y; ZHANG ZG; YAO XH; DUAN XX; JIANG ZM; AN JF; ZHENG PG; HAN YJ; WU H; WANG ZQ; GLAUBEN R; QIN ZH; Programmed PPAR-alpha downregulation induces inflammaging by suppressing fatty acid catabolism in monocytes ISCIENCE 2021,24(7): - 4.452
2021-AUG 21 WU BB; ZHU WL; WANG Y; WANG Q; ZHOU L; LIU ZW; BI LJ; BARUN M; KREISWIRTH BN; CHEN L; CHEN SH; WANG XM; WANG WB; Genetic composition and evolution of the prevalent Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages 2 and 4 in the Chinese and Zhejiang Province populations CELL AND BIOSCIENCE 2021,11(1): - 4.443
2021-JAN 1 CHEN HR; LI QW; LI M; LIU S; YAO CS; WANG ZX; ZHAO ZY; LIU P; YANG F; LI XJ; WANG J; ZENG YX; TONG XL; Microbial characteristics across different tongue coating types in a healthy population JOURNAL OF ORAL MICROBIOLOGY 2021,13(1): - 4.299
2021-JUL ZHAO HT; GAO HN; LUO CW; YANG GJ; ZHAO XY; GAO S; MA QJ; JIA B; SHI JY; WANG F; An Integrin-alpha(v)beta(6)/alpha(5)beta(1)-Bitargeted Probe for the SPECT Imaging of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma in Preclinical and Primary Clinical Studies BIOCONJUGATE CHEMISTRY 2021,32(7):1298-1305 4.267
2021- ZONG FR; DU JX; DENG XF; CHAI XB; ZHUO Y; VEGH AV; XUE R; Fast Diffusion Kurtosis Mapping of Human Brain at 7 Tesla With Hybrid Principal Component Analyses IEEE ACCESS 2021,9( ):107965-107975 4.076
2021-JUL 1 ESMAEILI C; SONG J; LI YL; MAO LQ; LIU HBA; WU F; CHEN YH; LIU CL; ZHANG XE; Synthesis and Application of Graphdiyne Oxide-Polyurethane Nanocomposite Yield a Highly Sensitive Non-Enzyme Glucose Sensor JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY 2021,168(7): - 3.719
2021-SEP 24 LUO QS; SHI HG; XU XQ; Cryo-EM structures of LptB(2)FG and LptB(2)FGC from Klebsiella pneumoniae in complex with lipopolysaccharide BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS 2021,571( ):20-25 2.75
2021-JUL 2021 LIU ZX; ZHANG YW; WANG H; XU D; YOU H; ZUO ZT; FENG F; Altered cerebral perfusion and microstructure in advanced Parkinson's disease and their associations with clinical features NEUROLOGICAL RESEARCH 2021, ( ): - 1.894
2021-JUL ZHU Y; SUN JY; An Improved Method to Calculate RRP Size Based on Train Stimulation PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2021,48(7):846-854 0.301
2020-DEC XU XZ; GAO ZZ; YANG FQ; YANG YY; CHEN L; HAN L; ZHAO N; XU JY; WANG XM; MA Y; SHU L; HU XX; LYU N; PAN YL; ZHU BL; ZHAO LH; TONG XL; WANG J; Antidiabetic Effects of Gegen Qinlian Decoction via the Gut Microbiota Are Attributable to Its Key Ingredient Berberine GENOMICS PROTEOMICS & BIOINFORMATICS 2020,18(6):721-736 0
2021-JUL 22 ZHOU BD; XIAO M; HU H; PEI XX; XUE YJ; MIAO GB; WANG JF; LI WQ; DU YP; ZHANG P; WEI TT; Cardioprotective Role of SIRT5 in Response to Acute Ischemia Through a Novel Liver-Cardiac Crosstalk Mechanism FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 2021,9( ): - 0

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