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New Publications of IBP (Sep. 2021)

Updated: 2021-09-24

Publication Date Author Title Journal IF
2021-AUG 2021 HU W; ZHANG Y; FEI PY; ZHANG TT; YAO DM; GAO YF; LIU J; CHEN H; LU Q; MUDIANTO T; ZHANG XR; XIAO CX; YE Y; SUN QM; ZHANG J; XIE Q; WANG PH; WANG J; LI ZH; LOU JZ; CHEN W; Mechanical activation of spike fosters SARS-CoV-2 viral infection CELL RESEARCH 2021, ( ): - 20.396
2021-AUG ZHANG L; CAO L; GAO XS; ZHENG BY; DENG YQ; LI JX; FENG R; BIAN Q; GUO XL; WANG N; QIU HY; WANG L; CUI Z; YE Q; CHEN G; LU KK; CHEN Y; CHEN YT; PAN HX; YU JP; YAO WR; ZHU BL; CHEN JP; LIU Y; QIN CF; WANG XX; ZHU FC; A proof of concept for neutralizing antibody-guided vaccine design against SARS-CoV-2 NATIONAL SCIENCE REVIEW 2021,8(8): - 15.209
2021-AUG 25 WEN J; HONG L; KRAINER G; YAO QQ; KNOWLES TPJ; WU S; PERRETT S; Conformational Expansion of Tau in Condensates Promotes Irreversible Aggregation JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 2021,143(33):13056-13064 14.549
2021-SEP 2021 ZHANG JL; CHENG DF; HE JY; HONG JJ; YUAN C; LIANG MM; Cargo loading within ferritin nanocages in preparation for tumor-targeted delivery NATURE PROTOCOLS 2021, ( ): - 13.563
2021-AUG 26 HUA C; MA QH; ZHU Y; XIA S; LIU ZZ; LI L; LU L; ZHONG NS; LIU SW; YANG ZF; JIANG SB; Repurposing of a clinically used anti-HPV agent to prevent and treat SARS-CoV-2 infection as an intranasal formulation SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION AND TARGETED THERAPY 2021,6(1): - 13.195
2021-AUG 20 XIAO YH; LI WJ; YANG H; PAN LL; ZHANG LW; LU L; CHEN JW; WEI W; YE J; LI JW; LI GH; ZHANG Y; TAN MJ; DING JP; WONG JM; HBO1 is a versatile histone acyltransferase critical for promoter histone acylations NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2021,49(14):8037-8059 11.797
2021-SEP ZHANG KX; JIAO XY; ZHOU LP; WANG J; WANG C; QIN Y; WEN YQ; Nanofibrous composite aerogel with multi-bioactive and fluid gating characteristics for promoting diabetic wound healing BIOMATERIALS 2021,276( ): - 9.656
2021-SEP 2021 LIU JJ; YOU MH; YAO YP; JI C; WANG Z; WANG F; WANG D; QI ZH; YU GT; SUN Z; GUO WH; LIU JJ; LI SM; JIN YP; ZHAO TY; XUE HH; XUE YC; YU SY; SRSF1 plays a critical role in invariant natural killer T cell development and function CELLULAR & MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY 2021, ( ): - 7.365
2021-SEP CAI WB; ZHAO YJ; LIU L; CHENG Q; WANG J; SHI XL; YAO L; QIAO XH; ZHU Y; CHEN C; ZHANG X; Redox environment metabolomic evaluation (REME) of the heart after myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 2021,173( ):7-18 6.456
2021-AUG 2021 YAN MZ; ZHAO C; LU SY; CUI JL; SUN ZN; LIU XY; LIU S; HUO YZ; YIN ST; HU HB; Trimethylamine N-oxide exacerbates acetaminophen-induced liver injury by interfering with macrophage-mediated liver regeneration JOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY 2021, ( ): - 4.834
2021-JUN 20 ZHOU N; SHI LX; SHAN S; ZHOU Z; Molecular basis for the selective recognition and ubiquitination of centromeric histone H3 by yeast E3 ligase Psh1 JOURNAL OF GENETICS AND GENOMICS 2021,48(6):463-472 4.732
2021-AUG 20 MA XJ; ZHI ZL; ZHANG SY; ZHOU C; MECHLER A; LIU PS; Validating an artificial organelle: Studies of lipid droplet-specific proteins on adiposome platform ISCIENCE 2021,24(8): - 4.452
2021-AUG 20 XIANG C; CHEN PH; ZHANG Q; LI YH; PAN Y; XIE WC; SUN JY; LIU ZH; Intestinal microbiota modulates adrenomedullary response through Nod1 sensing in chromaffin cells ISCIENCE 2021,24(8): - 4.452
2021-JAN-JUN YANG J; GONG WB; WU S; ZHANG H; PERRETT S; PES inhibits human-inducible Hsp70 by covalent targeting of cysteine residues in the substrate-binding domain JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2021,296( ): - 4.237
2021-JAN-JUN REN J; YAO HW; HU WH; PERRETT S; GONG WB; FENG YG; Structural basis for the DNA-binding activity of human ARID4B Tudor domain JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2021,296( ): - 4.237
2021-SEP LUO CP; LIU JC; BILAL M; LIU XH; WANG XH; DONG F; LIU Y; ZANG SS; YIN XL; YANG XT; ZHU T; ZHANG SY; ZHANG WF; LI B; Extracellular lipopeptide bacillomycin L regulates serial expression of genes for modulating multicellular behavior in Bacillus velezensis Bs916 APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY 2021,105(18):6853-6870 3.913
2021-SEP 1 GAO S; XU F; LI HJ; XUE FD; ZHANG MS; XU PY; ZHANG F; DETECTOR: structural information guided artifact detection for super-resolution fluorescence microscopy image BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS 2021,12(9):5751-5769 3.783
2021-AUG 2021 JIANG B; JIA XH; JI TJ; ZHOU M; HE JY; WANG K; TIAN J; YAN XY; FAN KL; Ferritin nanocages for early theranostics of tumors via inflammation-enhanced active targeting SCIENCE CHINA-LIFE SCIENCES 2021, ( ): - 3.547
2021-SEP ZHANG JG; ZHANG DY; SUN L; JI G; HUANG XJ; NIU TX; XU JS; MA CY; ZHU Y; GAO N; XU W; SUN F; VHUT-cryo-FIB, a method to fabricate frozen hydrated lamellae from tissue specimens for in situ cryo-electron tomography JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY 2021,213(3): - 3.529
2021-SEP 2021 LIU L; XIE WC; SONG ZJ; WANG TY; LI XS; GAO Y; LI Y; ZHANG JQ; GUO XH; Addition of 3-methoxytyramine or chromogranin A to plasma free metanephrines as the initial test for pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma: Which is the best diagnostic strategy CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY 2021, ( ): - 3.366
2021-AUG 16 WEI N; ZHANG XC; AN J; ZHUO Y; ZHANG ZH; A Processing Pipeline for Quantifying Volume in Subcortical Nuclei FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY 2021,12( ): - 3.164
2021-AUG 2021 CHEN XX; WANG LP; WU YS; ZHANG HS; DONG WJ; YU X; HUANG CC; LI Y; WANG SJ; ZHANG JN; Caveolin-1 knockout mice have altered serum N-glycan profile and sialyltransferase tissue expression JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY 2021, ( ): - 2.638
2021-AUG 20 SHU YJ; HE JF; PEI RJ; HE P; HUANG ZH; CHEN SM; OU ZQ; DENG JL; ZENG PY; ZHOU J; MIN YQ; DENG F; PENG H; ZHANG Z; WANG B; XU ZH; GUAN WX; HU ZY; ZHANG JK; Immunogenicity and safety of a recombinant fusion protein vaccine (V-01) against coronavirus disease 2019 in healthy adults: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase II trial CHINESE MEDICAL JOURNAL 2021,134(16):1967-1976 1.43
2021- SUN Q; LIANG K; LI Y; Quality Assessment for The Blood Samples PROGRESS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS 2021,48(8):938-946 0.301
2021- LIU SQ; ZHANG HL; LI YA; ZHANG YN; BIAN YY; ZENG YQ; YAO XH; WAN JJ; CHEN X; LI JR; WANG ZQ; QIN ZH; S100A4 enhances protumor macrophage polarization by control of PPAR-gamma-dependent induction of fatty acid oxidation JOURNAL FOR IMMUNOTHERAPY OF CANCER 2021,9(6): - 0
2021-AUG 24 ZHANG D; SAHEKI Y; HU JJ; KORNMANN B; Editorial: Coupling and Uncoupling: Dynamic Control of Membrane Contacts FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 2021,9( ): - 0
2021-SEP 2 LARSEN NY; LI XX; TAN XK; JI G; LIN J; RAJKOWSKA G; MOLLER J; VIHRS N; SPORRING J; SUN F; NYENGAARD JR; Cellular 3D-reconstruction and analysis in the human cerebral cortex using automatic serial sections COMMUNICATIONS BIOLOGY 2021,4(1): - 0

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