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Ten largest active research projects

No. Project Name
1 CAS Strategic Priority Research Program (type-B) :Structure, Function and Regulation of Biological Supra-macromolecular Complexes
2 Protein machineries in the regulation of membrane shaping and dynamics
3 The Protein Machine with Dynamic Control of Chromatin Plasticity and Its Mechanism
4 Advanced technology and applications of high resolution cryo-electron microscopy of protein machineries
5 Redox regulation of proteostasis
6 Regulation of cellular metabolism in response to stress conditions
7 Molecular  basis  for establishment  and interpretation of epigenetic information
8 Stem Cell Aging: Mechanistic Study and Application in Translational Medicine
9 Study on the fate determination mechanism and function of adult neural stem cells
10 CAS Strategic Priority Research Program (type-A) :Stratification of Diabetes Drugs and Biomarkers
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