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From 1958 to 1967

Updated: 2020-07-04


On September 26, the State Council approves the conversion of the Beijing Institute of Experimental Biology to the Institute of Biophysics, with Bei Shizhang serving as the institute’s director. An atomic energy research center (later named the Radiobiology Research Center, or Center One), a high altitude physiology research center (later called the Cosmology Research Center, or Center Two) and a nucleic acid nuclear protein research center (later called the Biophysical Chemistry Research Center, or Center Three) are also established under the institute, as are an isotope laboratory and an electronic laboratory. The picture shows one of the institute’s main office locations in its initial stage --"New Building". [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]

The photo shows the first foreign scholar to visit the Institute of Biophysics. (Fourth from left) [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]


Ilya Mikhailovich Frank (first from right), an academician from the Soviet Union Academy of Medical Sciences and director of the Institute of Biophysics of the Soviet Union Academy of Sciences, visits the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in mid-June. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]


In October, Bei Shizhang participates in a delegation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to the United Kingdom. The picture shows Bei with Howard W. Florey, president of the Royal Society and a Nobel Prize winner. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]

In November, Bei Shizhang (left) and Feng Wenhui (middle) visit Hungary and Czechoslovakia. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]

From December to February 1962, Huang Fen (left) and Liu Qiu (right) go to the Soviet Union for inspection. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn] 


Wang Youming is given a graduate diploma by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is the first graduate student of the Institute of Biophysics, CAS. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]


After the Xingtai earthquake in March, scientists from the Bionics Research Laboratory visit the quake-hit area to investigate the relationship between animals and earthquakes. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]

On July 15 and 28, the Institute of Biophysics successfully launches and returns rockets carrying dogs (nicknamed "Little Leopard" and "Shanshan"), recording the dogs’ physiological indexes and continuously photographing their posture changes. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]

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