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From 1978 to 1987

Updated: 2020-07-04


In May, Yang Fuyu (third from left) leads a delegation for biofilm investigation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to Germany, playing an important role in promoting China’s research in membrane biology. Other members of the delegation include Lin Qishui (first from right), Lin Shiqing (third from right), Wang Yuying (fourth from right), Gu Guoyan (first from left), and Liu Shusen (fourth from left). [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]


In November, the Presidium of the China Association for Science and Technology approves the establishment of the Chinese Society of Biophysics, which is attached to the Institute of Biophysics, CAS. Bei Shizhang is elected as its first president. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]


Xu Gongqiao (left) gets her Ph.D. under the guidance of her tutor Zou Chenglu (right). She is the first female doctor of biology trained domestically. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]


The science and education film Cell Reconstruction is completed and released. In 1985, it wins the Outstanding Science and Education Film Award of the fifth Golden Rooster Award as well as an award at the 23rd International Science and Technology Progress Film Festival. The picture shows it being produced. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]


The biophysical and molecular biology engineering project of the Beijing Modern Biological Research Center (the new site construction project of the Institute of Biophysics) holds a groundbreaking ceremony on August 30. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]

The Graduate Association of the Institute of Biophysics is established. Zou Chenglu delivers a speech at the ceremony on November 25. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]


Kelong Biomedical Technology Development Company (later renamed Beijing Kelong Biomedical Technology Company) is established in July. [Photo/ibp.cas.cn]


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