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Special research assistant and research assistant positions are available at Yang Pengyuan's team in the IBP

Updated: 2019-06-20

The research team of Yang Pengyuan of Institute of Biophysics (IBP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is mainly engaged in tumor immnuotherapy and HBV infection inflammation - cancer conversion. The team is committed to discovering functional signaling molecules and new targets of tumor micro-environment related to HBV infection, and studying its mechanism in the formation and metastasis of liver cancer. Through combining tumor immunity, high-throughput sequencing, and bio-precise targeting to study new mechanisms of liver cancer and HBV infection, it is expected to find new treatment methods for liver cancer.


The research team plans to recruit 1-2 special research assistants and research assistants.


Requirements and responsibilities


1. Special research assistant (post-doctor) positions


Well-trained in the field of tumor immunology or virology; possesses a doctor's degree in tumor immunology (T cell/innate immunity) or HBV virus; applicants majoring in interdisciplinary fields, such as bioinformatics, epigenetics, genome HI-C and others with doctor's research experience are also welcomed.


Applicants should be familiar with scientific research ideas in this field and be able to work independently; they should have strong language expression and communication skills, good English proficiency, and have team spirit, strong study spirit and innovative consciousness.


The treatment of special research assistants is based on the latest policies and systems of the CAS regarding special research assistants and the applicant's experience (about 240,000-300,000/year). Excellent candidates are qualified to apply for the other subsidies.


2. Research assistant positions (laboratory management)


Possesses or will soon obtain a master's degree or above. Loves scientific research, has a strong interest and motivation to engage in scientific research, has team spirit and a sense of responsibility; has strong independent thinking, experimental ability and coordination ability. Proficient in cell culture and eukaryotic protein expression systems; experienced in molecular biology or bioinformatics. Preferential treatment will be offered to successful applicants.


Application methods



Applicants should provide the following materials: Personal resume, research experience, electronic copy of published papers, and contact information of the applicant. Applicants who apply for the special research assistant or post-doctor position shall offer the names and contact information of two referees.


Candidates must send the above materials to us by e-mail, with "application for XX position in Yang Pengyuan's team" in the subject line. The qualified candidates will be informed of the specific time, place and relevant matters of the interview.


The positions will remain open until filled.


Contact information

Contact: Yang Pengyuan

Email: pyyang@ibp.ac.cn

Address: No 15 Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Code: 100101

Tel: 010-64886041


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