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Post-doctor, research assistant positions are available in the Center for Big Data Research in Health of the IBP

Updated: 2019-07-01

The Center for Big Data Research in Health, founded in May 2015, has established many platforms including sequencing, bioexperiment, compute cluster and data storage, multi-group life data analysis and data sharing after four years of operation.


In order to further promote the center's development, persons recruited by contract, post-doctors and research assistants in the fields of biology, bioinformatics analysis, and artificial intelligence will be recruited, and each position will have two persons.


Positions and requirements


I In the fields of biology and medicine


1. Possesses a bachelor's or master's degree in the fields of biotechnology, biological information, medicine, and pharmacy.


2. Experienced in molecular and cellular biology experiments, or familiar with linux system, programming, and experienced in using bioinformatics software.


3. English level above CET-4, and familiar with the searching and reading of English literature.


4. Has strong interest in life science research and clinical industry transformation.


5. Has strong power of execution, is responsible and has good team spirit.


6. Excellent researchers will preferentially get the opportunity for further study.


II In the field of Bioinformatics


1. Possesses a master's degree for more than three years or has obtained a doctor's degree; engaged in bioinformatics research for more than 5 years; has the background of doing research on tumors and metabolic diseases with bioinformatics method; published the SCI papers as the first author and can work independently; excellent applicants will directly be appointed as research assistant.


2. Familiar with the Linux operating system and masters a statistical language; has computer programming skills, proficient in more than one programming language in C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, and R.


3. Familiar with bioinformatics analysis software and database commonly used in second-generation sequencing technology, experienced in genome, transcriptome and epigenetic data analysis.


4. Applicants experienced in big data analysis on health, and utilization, research and development, and interpretation of consumption or clinical genetic testing products are preferred.


5. Responsible and assiduous, possesses good communication and teamwork capabilities.


6. No more than 35 years old, applicants with Beijing registered permanent residence are preferred.


III In the field of artificial intelligence


1. Possesses a master's degree or above in the fields of automation, computer, mathematics or other professional artificial intelligence; with basic theory and algorithm knowledge in machine learning and neural network; experienced in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence; particularly excellent applicants can be appointed as research assistant directly.


2. Applicant experienced in image processing and medical image data processing are preferred.


3. Responsible and assiduous, possessed good communication and teamwork capacities.


4. No more than 35 years old, applicants with Beijing registered permanent residence are preferred.


IV Editors for the website or papers


1. Maintenance and update information for the English-language website of Center for Big Data Research in Health; experienced in website maintenance and editing;


2. Translation of the English literature and documents concerning foreign affairs or foreign countries; assistance for the English paper writing;


3. Possessed a bachelor's degree or above, majoring in English or management with an English level above CET-4.


4. Has strong power of execution, and good communication and teamwork capabilities.


5. No more than 35 years old, applicants with Beijing registered permanent residence are preferred.




Compensation package will be provided to successful applicants in accordance with relevant regulations of the country and the institute, basic social insurance will be provided in accordance with national policies. Specific treatment will be adjusted according to the applicant's research background and experience, and preferential treatment, a formal authorized size and Beijing registered permanent residence will be offered to the excellent candidates.


Application method


Applicants should provide their resume, electronic text of the representative publications, and the names and contact information of three referees to: bigdata@ibp.ac.cn. Applicants should indicate "application for a position in the Center for Big Data Research in Health" in the subject line of the email.


The qualified applicants will be informed of the specific matters of the interviews after initial review. The positions will remain open until filled.


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