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Postdoctoral researcher positions are available in Dr. Li Yan's group at IBP, CAS

Updated: 2019-06-06

With Drosophila as the model animal, Dr. Li Yan's group in the State Key Laboratory of Brain & Cognitive Sciences at the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) mainly studies the neural circuits and core molecular mechanisms of instinct such as eating, learning, memory, and sleep. The recent research direction is to reveal the neurotrophic pathway of protein nutrition, and analyze the specific coding of this information in neuropeptides and dopamine neurons, etc., thus to explore the dynamic interaction mechanism of central and peripheral, eating behavior regulation and metabolism, immunity and other physiological functions. As well as its integrated regulation law affecting health and longevity.


Two or three special research assistants/postdoctoral researchers are required. A competitive compensation package will be offered to the successful applicants in accordance with the newest policies of the CAS, and opportunities might be obtained for preferential funding and youth talent programs.


Responsibilities and requirements


1.Has strong research interest in neurobiology, is familiar with relevant scientific research ideas and cutting-edge technologies, and capable in carrying out independent research works. Applicants with research background in molecular genetics, neurobiology and immunology of Drosophila are preferred;


2. Has recently or will soon receive a doctor's degree, and has published academic papers in internationally renowned journals;


3. Rigorous and realistic, innovative, initiative, optimistic, has strong sense of responsibility and executive power, skilled in communication and teamwork;


4. Good literature reading and review ability, strong Chinese and English paper writing ability, active in participating in academic conference reports and exchanges, and in project application;


5. Applicants who have research experience abroad or undertake national funds projects, and have good scientific research achievements may apply for the position of associate researcher.


Application Method


Interested applicants should submit their resumes, published papers, abstract of his/her doctoral thesis, plans of the next stage, and the electronic materials that might help to manifest his/her personal capability to: hairongxu2010@moon.ibp.ac.cn. Please indicate "XXX (applicant's name) for XXX position" in the subject line of the email.


The positions will remain open until filled.


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