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Postdoctoral positions are available on the research team of Wang Xiangxi of IBP, CAS

Updated: 2019-11-18

The main research field of the research team of Wang Xiangxi of the Institute of Biophysics (IBP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is the virus structure and function of diseases, including the study of the structural biology of large - scale virus particles, and structure and related immunological studies of superlarge complexes associated with virus infection.


The team currently requires three postdoctorates.




1. Possessing or will soon receive a doctor's degree in virology, immunology, biochemistry or a related field; applicants with a research background in viruses are preferred.


2. Has published a high-level article as the first author in an international journal, and is skilled in English reading, writing and communication.


3. Has strong interest in and love of scientific research, and can undertake scientific research work independently; has independent thinking, experimental design and operational abilities.


4. Is responsible, hard-working, dedicated and skilled in communication and teamwork.




A competitive compensation package will be offered in accordance with relevant policies and the applicant’s research background and experience.


Application methods


Interested applicants should submit their resumes, the electronic text of materials that can prove their research experience and technical capabilities to: xiangxi@ibp.ac.cn. Please indicate “application for postdoctoral position + name” in the subject line of the email. After the initial review, we will inform the candidates of the specific time, place and related matters for interviews.


The positions will be opened until filled.


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