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Positions are available at Zhang Hong's research team, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Updated: 2020-03-09

Zhang Hong's research team at the Institute of Biophysics (IBP), Chinese Academy of Sciences specializes in research on molecular mechanisms of multicellular autophagy and their relevance to neurodegenerative diseases over a long term. Over the coming years, the lab is aiming to understand the role of protein phase separation/conversion and autophagy in the pathogenic processes of neurodegenerative diseases through studying physical property changes and abnormal assembly in autophagic degradable protein aggregates. For this purpose, the team is now looking for three to five new team members in the positions of post-doctors, assistant researchers and associate researchers.


I. Job Description and Qualifications


Job Description:


In these positions, you will use multiple model organisms (nematodes and mice), as well as biochemical and cell biological approaches, to understand the molecular mechanism of autophagy pathways and its relevance to diseases.




1. Candidates should be PhD degree holders with a solid research background in related areas;


2. Profound knowledge in biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and molecular genetics is required. Candidates with experience with nematodes and biochemical study of protein are preferred;


3. Candidates should have sound work ethics, a strong sense of responsibility, and work well in a team; and


4. Candidates should be in good health.


II. Compensation


We offer competitive compensation and benefits in line with relevant national and IBP rules. A social security package will be provided according to national standards. Compensation will be determined with consideration of your research background and past experience.


III. How to Apply


Please send applications via email, including CV, educational and work credentials, research interests, selective publications, contact details of three academic referees, and other supportive documents in electronic form. After a preliminary review, qualified candidates will be notified on the interview arrangement (such as time, place and other requirements). This recruitment notice takes effect on the date of release and will expire when these positions are filled. All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply. Please ensure to specify “Job Application” in application email headers.


IV. Contact Us


Please contact Zhang Hong at hongzhang@ibp.ac.cn.


Contact Us

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