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Study Group Leaders for Biomedical Imaging Technologies Wanted at the CAS Institute of Biophysics (2020)

Updated: 2020-07-09

The Institute of Biophysics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was officially established in 1958 and has become a national leading research institution for life science. In addition to the National Laboratory of Biomacromolecules and the State Key Laboratory of Brain & Cognitive Sciences, both of which are national key laboratories, it also oversees CAS Key Laboratory of Infection and Immunology and CAS Key Laboratory of RNA Biology. Moreover, it governs another two institution-level key laboratories, which have been engaged in the research of protein & peptide drugs and interdisciplinary studies.


The Institute of Biophysics has made prominent progress in the research of protein science, brain and cognitive science, infection and immunology, RNA biology, and protein & peptide drugs in recent years.


Working its partners, the Institute of Biophysics started construction of multi-modal trans-dimensional biomedical imaging facilities in Huairou Science City in Beijing in June 2019. The facilities are classified as major national science & technology infrastructure projects during the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-20).


To further accelerate the construction of relevant facilities and strengthen the cultivation of research forces in biomedical imaging technologies, the Institute of Biophysics now invites researchers from home and abroad in the fields of biomedical imaging and other relevant disciplines to apply for leadership positions in its study groups. Applicants in the areas of multi-modal biomedical imaging, multi-modal imaging of living cells and multi-modal molecular imaging are highly recommended.


The Institute of Biophysics will assist successful candidates in the application of national and the CAS talent programs, and provide them with internationally competitive salaries, benefits and starting funds. Specific terms are negotiable. In addition, they are expected to take part in building and running multi-modal trans-dimensional biomedical imaging facilities.


Application materials: a personal resume, three reference letters and a research plan (reference letters should be directly sent to qiaorunxin@ibp.ac.cn).


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More information about the Institute of Biophysics can be found at http://www.ibp.cas.cn


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