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Faculty positions available at Yan Xiyun's team, Nano-enzyme Engineering Laboratory under the CAS

Updated: 2020-07-21

The Nano-enzyme Engineering Laboratory affiliated with the Institute of Biophysics (IBP) is one of 11 engineering-oriented laboratories established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Yan Xiyun, a CAS academician, is director of the Nano-enzyme Engineering Laboratory. The laboratory has been designed to organize and coordinate research forces with the CAS and regional institutes to engage in the studies of nano-enzyme catalytic mechanism and application, make a progress in key technologies related to nano-enzyme engineering-oriented production, promote social and economic development, and meet the needs of major national strategies concerning public health. Due to the needs of scientific research, Yan's team is looking for two post-doctoral fellows (special assistant researchers) and one associate researcher.


Job descriptions and requirements


1. Post-doctoral fellows (special assistant researchers)


1) Have solid foundation and be highly interested in the design and synthesis of nano materials, biocatalysis or chemocatalysis, and new technologies connected with in vitro diagnosis;


2) Have a doctoral degree or to obtain a doctoral degree in the fields of material chemistry, nano catalysis and in vitro diagnosis; excel in academic writing and communication in both Chinese and English; and have high-level publications of research papers in internationally academic journals;


3) Take a serious attitude towards scientific work; be active in work; and possess the spirit of teamwork and cooperation.


2. Associate researchers


1) Have a master's degree in biology, material science, or chemical catalysis; boast solid professional skills;


2) Be highly enthusiastic about scientific research, serious and responsible for work; align with the spirit of teamwork and cooperation;


3) Excel in linguistic exchanges and inter-personal communication; have sound writing skills and expertise in the listening, speaking, reading and writing of English.


Salaries and allowances


The salaries and allowances for post-doctoral fellows are set in accordance with the average standards of associate high-level technicians at the IBP. They will also be provided with performance-based benefits. In addition, the IBP are expected to assist outstanding applicants in the application of CAS programs reserved for special assistant researchers, the innovation talent support plan for post-doctoral fellows, special aids (before admission into research institutes) for post-doctoral fellows, and other programs.


Highly competitive salaries and benefits will be provided to associate researchers in accordance with national regulations, the IBP's rules, and their research background and experience.


How to apply


Applicants shall contact researcher Duan Demin, send the resume, academic publications and other materials as credentials to personal professional skills to dmduan@ibp.ac.cn, and indicate "application for post-doctoral fellows + name" or "application for associate researchers + name" in the subject line of the email.


The positions will remain open until filled.


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