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Faculty positions available at Si Guangwei's team, the Institute of Biophysics under the CAS

Updated: 2020-08-05

The team of Si Guangwei at the Institute of Biophysics (IBP) under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) has been dedicated to studying the structure, function and development of neural coding and neural circuit. As an interdisciplinary laboratory, it has taken fruit flies as its model organism, employed research methods such as calcium imaging, optogenetics and microfluidics, and made an integration of quantitative research and theoretical computation to study neural coding and relevant neural circuit, and develop computational algorithm under the inspiration of neural biological system.


We are now delighted to invite young scholars with strong interest in the fields of systems and computational neurosciences to join the team. Positions available include post-doctoral fellows (special assistant researchers), assistant research fellows, and deputy researchers.




Applicants are expected to have obtained their PhD degrees in the disciplines of biophysics, neural biology and quantitative sciences such as physics, engineering and mathematics. Those for assistant research fellows and deputy researchers shall have the training experience as a PhD student.


Candidates with the following research background are highly recommended.


1. Be rich in mathematical statistics, with sound ability in programming; be able to promote self-development, employ cutting-edge data exploration tools, and conduct an analysis of data related to neural science such as omics data and whole-brain calcium imaging data; and be interested in developing new computational algorithm deriving from neural biological system.


2. Have the experience of designing and building optical system, and be familiar with the theories and methods in connection with hardware control; be able to cooperate colleagues in the research of animal whole-brain calcium imaging in the condition of unrestricted motion, whilst conducting studies of experimental system in the control of optogenetics at the same time; and be interested in making an integration of thoughts and methods from engineering with the research of neural science.


3. Have the educational background of neural science, with research experience of analyzing the function and structure of neural circuit; be able to work with colleagues in the development of research and analytical methods, make an integration of the latest research tools with neural science, and conduct explorations of the organization and working principles of neural circuit; and be interested in deepening the understanding of neural system from quantitative and systematic perspectives.


Salaries and allowances


Successful applicants will be provided with competitive salaries and benefits in accordance with regulations of the IBP, national rules and personal performance.


In addition, the team of Si Guangwei will extend full support to those who aim to develop them into principal investigators.


How to apply


Applicants shall send resume, supporting materials such as research and educational background and representative publications, the name and contact information of referees to si@ibp.ac.cn. Applicants will be contacted for interview in two weeks after their application materials have been reviewed.


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