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Theme Sculptures

Sculpture 1

This sculpture is composed of a series of anthropomorphosis carves. It represents the IBP motto of “To Explore the Mystery of Life, To Create the Happy Life for Human Being”. The structure of protein represents the protein science research direction. The glass in the middle of the sculpture represents the brain and cognitive science research direction. The dynamic form and the gradual change of color, which are formed by the outline of superimposed portrait, represent abundant visual world.

Sculpture 2

The sculpture is based on the prototype of cerebra section and compound eyes, considering the interest of popularization and perfect vision effect. The middle part, which is a sculpture composed of facies parietalis hemisphere section from three cerebrums, can form integrated picture about facies parietalis cerebrum from three different points.

Sculpture 3

Composed of representative images abstracted from the protein structures (such as α helixβ sheet), this sculpture symbolizes the institute’s protein science research direction. It also expresses the spirit of solidarity and innovation.


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