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A support system for scientific research incorporating public sharing of facilities plays an integral part in supporting innovation within the Institute of Biophysics. It plays a significant role in improving standards of scientific research, promoting interdisciplinary research and training of highly qualified scientists. The Institute established the "Core Facility for Protein Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences" in line with the requirements laid out in the "Eleventh 5-year plan" for national science", "Chinese Academy of Sciences technical support system construction and implementation plan" and "Chinese Academy of Sciences public technology service center implementing rules".

The construction of the Core Facility began in late 2004. The center was officially opened in 2008 and has become the largest CAS biological instrument platform in the Beijing area. The Core Facility is the independent technical support department of the institute. The Core Facility is in charge of public research facilities and equipment, and is responsible for the running and maintenance of scientific instruments, and for providing technical support for the institute’s research. In a spirit of "integrating, sharing, improving and making progress", the center provides services to other institutions throughout the country and internationally, thus maximizing instrument usage efficiency and sharing research and technological resources.Besides running machines, the Core Facility endeavors to develop improved scientific research methods and innovations in scientific instrumentation. A series of instrument upgrade and innovation projects have been launched and have seen significant achievements.

The Core Facility has a dedicated technical support team of 45 people. The Core Facility is currently composed of four specific technical laboratories, as Lab of Structural and Functional Analysis, Lab of Proteomics, Center for Biological Imaging, Center for Animal Research, and one technical service group for equipment repair and instrument innovation. The specific technical laboratory is advised by the chief scientist of the Core Facility. 

The Core Facility currently has a number of large equipment, including the Titan Krios 300kV field emission transmission cryo electron microscope, Talos™ F200C field emission transmission electron microscope, the high-intensity X-ray diffraction crystal structure data collection system, the OMX structure illumination super resolution fluorescence microscope, the high-resolution mass spectrometer etc., and the immunodeficiency animal feeding laboratory in line with national standards.

The Core Facility provides services and consultation for more than 100 external research projects. It organizes meetings and offers technical training courses to researchers and graduate students to enhance their technical skills.IBP’s Core Facilities have become one of the top life science instrument centers in China.

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Director: Xiang  Wang (王翔)

Vice-Director: Xuemei Li(李雪梅)

Chief Scientists of Center: Fuquan Yang(杨福全), Xuemei Li(李雪梅), Yong Tian(田勇),  Fei Sun (孙飞)

Administrator: Chunjuan Huang (黄春娟)

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Core Facility

Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

15 Datun Load, Chaoyang District

Beijing 100101, China

Tel: 86-10-64888575  


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