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Center for Biological Imaging

Center for Bio-imaging (CBI) focuses on the forefront of life science research and its research filed is majorly related to structural biology and cell biology. The target of the center is the high resolution three dimensional imaging technologies for biological objects, and CBI aim to combine various imaging approaches (e.g. fluorescence microscopy and cryo-electron microscopy) as well as developing new methodologies to realize the 3D imaging of biological systems from nano-scale to meso-scale. Thus the life science key issues would be answered through the study of ultrafine high-resolution three-dimensional structure of biological objects.

Currently, CBI integrates the techniques as super-resolution optical microscopy, cryo-electron microscopy, 3D reconstruction, single-molecule fluorescence imaging, atomic force microscopy as well as a series of biological microscopy sample preparation techniques. Up to now, CBI has 15 large pieces of equipments, including a 300 KV field emission transmission cryo electron microscope Titan Krios, a 200 KV field emission transmission cryo electron microscope Talos, a 200 KV transmission electron microscope and a 120 KV transmission electron microscope, a scanning electron microscope Helios Nanolab 600i, an ultra-high resolution structure illumination fluorescent microscope OMX, a scanning probe microscope AFM, a multi-color laser scanning confocal fluorescence microscope, three laser scanning confocal fluorescence microscope, a two-photon confocal fluorescence microscope, two high speed spinning disk confocal fluorescence microscope, and a cluster of high performance computers.

By providing biological micro-imaging service for Beijing and surrounding area, CBI greatly contributes to the progress of cutting-edge research related to life sciences and becomes the important supporting platform for basic life science research of our country. Besides, the center endeavors to develop new methods and instrumentation innovations for life science researches. A series of instrument upgrade and innovation projects have been launched and got significant achievements.

The center is staffed of twelve full-time employees. The team is a kind of interdisciplinary science background of biology, physics, materials and computer. They provide technical services and carry out studies of biological ultra-micro imaging methodology. As the director, Dr. Fei Sun is responsible for the daily work and future development of the center.   

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