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New regulatory mechanisms involving MST1 in cell survival signalling 2010/05/26
IBP SCI publications in April 2010 2010/05/19
MTMR4 Dephosphorylates R-Smads in Early Endosomes 2010/05/13
A new effective strategy for treating tobacco addiction was found by researchers from Chinese Aca... 2010/04/27
Crystal Structure of the Carnitine Transporter 2010/04/07
A Drosophila model for TDP-43 proteinopathy 2010/03/26
Professor Fuquan Yang’s group conduct the first large-scale phosphoproteome analysis of rat L6 m... 2010/03/22
FKBP12.6: a novel regulator for glucose-stimulated insulin secretion 2010/03/12
Development of self-assembling nanocarriers for water-soluble drugs 2010/03/11
An alternative method for BOLD fMRI 2010/01/27
Study on effects of CD24 polymorphisms in risk and progression of chronic hepatitis B virus infec... 2010/01/20
RUVBL2 is a novel AS160-binding protein that is involved in the regulation of insulin-stimulated ... 2009/12/22
Prof Zusen Fan’s group uncovers a novel cell-death pathway induced by Granzyme F 2009/12/22
A collaborative work between IBP and US researchers was published in PNAS 2009/12/10
Prof Chang Chen's research group identifies a novel molecular mechanism which regulates classical... 2009/12/10
Variations in the requirement for v-SNAREs in GLUT4 trafficking in adipocytes 2009/10/17
Systematic identification and characterization of chicken (Gallus gallus) ncRNAs 2009/10/16
Crystal structure of DNA gyrase B' domain sheds lights on the mechanism for T-segment navigation 2009/10/16
Investigation of the structure and function of the human LanCL1 protein by Prof. Zihe Rao's group... 2009/09/29
Nature Neuroscience publishes a joint paper between Prof Shi-Gang He's group at IBP and Prof Ju-F... 2009/09/23
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